42 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. I guess it was just beauty, not too stormy. I just saw the pics from Oklahoma. That first poem is gorgeous, Elsie, and the pics. You know I love sky pics, so each one is something to savor.

  2. Oh how I wish I could take a good picture to go along with my writing! I’m the worst photographer ever…no kidding. I loved the poem, the pics, and the shape of the poem; and I’m so glad that “bully wind” was run out of town.

  3. Your bully wind blew into Indiana soon after that, along with his friends thunder and lightning. Weird weather we have been having. I have been playing around with Vanillapen too – thanks to my slicing friends!

  4. b says:

    Elsie — um — wow! Your poem is awesome both in carefully selected words that paint pictures in my mind as well as the smart presentation that made me beg for more. You outdid yourself today. Kudos! Your photographs were incredible — so hard to believe this was not a tornado. I would’ve been petrified. Too close for comfort!

  5. Whoa! That’s by your house??? That’s insane! Glad it didn’t do any damage. It’s unreal! First, I’m with Barbara up there – you should consider publishing your nature writing! You have such beautiful photos with astute descriptions that are lovely… And second, love the poem. Did you make that image somewhere? It’s very cool 🙂

    • It really was just a cloud, not a tornado, but totally looked frightening. It blew to the east to threaten others. The poem was done with an app called Vanillapen. It was fun to play with the words and fonts.

  6. Having been too near tornadoes for comfort, I’m glad the bully wind decided this was not to be. I hope it didn’t touch down anywhere else either.

  7. rosecappelli says:

    I’m like Lilly with the purple plastic purse…all I can say is “Wow.” You captured everything in your poem and images! Glad the storm decided to pass you by, but it must have been very scary!

  8. As a fellow nature observer I felt both thrilled and terrified at what you experienced. In this case the pictures really did amplify the effect of the poem. Using a shape poem was a brilliant idea. We made them once in my classroom to describe a volcano. It was fun, just like your poem is fun.
    You might consider publishing a collection of your words/pictures about nature, I’d buy it!

  9. Again, you’re using what goes on in your neighborhood and your backyard to create such beautiful pieces! I love the image of the bully wind shoving and the powwow of force.

  10. What can I say? The words not only paint a picture, they form a picture too! And then, your photos validate it all. I am always amazed at your use of words and pictures.

  11. Wow! What a strong and powerful poem to match the strength and power of mother nature. I love how you included your real images with the funnel text graphics and building silhouettes of the poem. You inspire me.

  12. Astonishing! How wonderful that you were far enough away to be safe but close enough to document it. “wisps of fog” and “bully wind” are beautiful images.

  13. Wow, did you make that first image?! If so, how? I love using visual art as a prompt for poetry–inspiration, as I move into my spring poetry units!

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