Spoken or Thought?

Early morning, my mind doesn’t always function properly, until coffee has been consumed. I go through the rote motions of preparing my coffee. Take out the coffee filter, two scoops of coffee, pour water in, flip the switch. As these actions are happening on auto pilot my mind begins whirring. Thoughts begin to tumble like the balls in a Bingo game. One  thought jump starts another, never developing a completed thought. My thinking said:

Dinner tonight? Ruben sandwiches, with Tuesday’s corned beef. Taco meat needs to be used. Lunch could be tacos. Tell Mike not to eat lunch. Will get home around noon. Do I have my materials for this this morning ready? Glance over to Mike, he’s reading something. Wait to tell him later. Grab Creepy Carrots. What else do I need to grab for the day? Tell Mike I will fix lunch when I get home. Coffee’s ready, finally.

I fill my cup, settle in on the couch to read a few slices, write a few comments. Fifteen minutes pass. I need to eat breakfast. As I’m preparing my granola and yogurt, I wonder (in my head) did I tell Mike to wait to eat lunch? I can’t remember if I only thought it or have we had the conversation.

“Did I say anything about lunch yet?” I casually inquire.

“No, why?” is the response from Mike.

I had to confess that I couldn’t remember if I actually said something or just thought it.

Wonder what else I’ve thought but forgot to actually say.

36 thoughts on “Spoken or Thought?

  1. This is VERY relatable.. I find myself going crazy all the time debating whether or not I’ve said or thought something. And also who I’ve told and who I haven’t! Cute post 🙂

  2. lol – I too often think this as well. Did I just think it or did I say it. Sometimes tho, I can’t remember I did say it and my hubby looks at me like – I know – you told me already. Don’t know which is worse.

  3. Jaana says:

    I have had a break on this while my daughter has been overseas. Wonder if this pattern will return once she returns?

  4. I do this all the time too. But what really hit me was Creepy Carrots! That book is the best. My youngest and I read it like 3 times a day for weeks. Great, great picture book. 🙂

  5. This was more fun for me, having been to your house, I could envision you and Mike and the setting! 🙂 My problem is I get so distracted by my own thoughts I forget what I do or don’t do.

  6. rosecappelli says:

    Thanks for confirming that I am not the only one who needs to remember that inside thoughts are not always outside thoughts! My how our thoughts spin when we have a lot on our minds!

  7. Tam says:

    I’m not so old after all. I think it and expect it to be done. I think my husband has been doing this for years!! I like the coffee regimen–brought me into reading your piece more slowly.

  8. This post makes me chuckle. The random but connected thoughts and then the….did I tell him? Oh gosh, this happens to me all the time. We have too much on our minds.

  9. Love this slice, Elsie! I have the same issue – that inner conversation is so real that I cannot keep track of what was said and what was thought. Love the way you ended this!

  10. I could relabel this as “This is my brain BEFORE coffee” as well . . . low on memory and actions and high on thinking. When do I cross that line?

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m so glad I’m not alone. I know for me I am always multi-tasking, as you described so well. Is it a teacher thing? A female thing? I usually get a lot done and it sounds like you do too….even if I forget a few things along the way!

  12. Lynn says:

    Funny how our brains all kind of do the same thing sometimes! It amazes me how many “bingo balls” can fit and jump around sometimes:-).

  13. I have lived this many times…Did I tell Kathy or didn’t I? “Thoughts begin to tumble like the balls in a Bingo Game.” Love this image. I usually get the coffee ready before going to bed so that in the morning all I need to do is plug in the coffee maker and turn it on. Of course, there are those mornings when I thought I got it ready the night before but didn’t. Then I’s waiting for coffee that never comes.

  14. This was lovely and a post I know from experience. You think it ….but don’t say if for one reason or other….or sometimes you just imagine you said it…or maybe you didn’t…the mind is a powerful tool!

  15. I love this idea of writing through thoughts and dialogue and highlighting the things we think but do not say. I know in your piece, it was unintentional, and it makes me think of those times where it is something we do on purpose, too. Thanks for inspiring an idea this morning.

  16. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning! My mind works in the same way and hubby often reminds me that I didn’t tell him something. Hmm, is it not me telling him, or doesn’t he remember that I told him?

  17. Terje says:

    According to my family I sometimes forget to share what I think and they are unaware of my plans. My point of view is that may be they just don’t always hear me.

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