Counting Commercials

Every day, since March 17, I ride a bike on a trainer for thirty l o n g minutes. I am trying to get back into a routine of some deliberate exercise that disappeared for about six months.

Every morning, when I open my eyes, a thought passes through my mind. You should get dressed and on the bike. Get it over and done. If I wait a moment, another thought leaps to the front. You should make your coffee and drink it before you ride the bike. I decide to go with that last thought.

I make the coffee, relax into the couch reading my iPad, thoroughly enjoying my morning beverage. Usually, there’s no real hurry. I have a mental timetable of when to climb onto the bike to begin the endless pedaling. I want to be finished with this by 8:30 a.m.

For some odd reason, I love to watch the intro of the Today Show. They do quick snippets of the latest news. Then they launch into the more in-depth story. I continue to watch, finishing up my coffee. Once the coffee is gone, I need to move onto the bike. Perhaps this is about 7:30.

Big mistake!

I am pedaling away watching the show, but what’s this? Commercial after commercial after commercial. I counted eleven different commercials before they returned to the show! Then they chatted with someone for about five minutes (that may be stretching the time) followed by another round of commercials! By then, they broke away to the local station for the next ten minutes. My time was up on the bike, but I was appalled at how many commercials I had to endure. It’s already torture to sit and pedal, but that was adding insult to injury.

The next morning, I didn’t languish in bed a few extra minutes. I got up, had my coffee, and got on the bike before seven. Do you know how many commercials were in the first twenty minutes of the show? NONE! I guess the second half hour has to make the money. Guess what my new plan is now.

I will attempt to be up and on the bike before seven, because if I’m not, I know I will pay for it after 7:30. I just don’t enjoy pedaling through commercials. I bet that didn’t surprise you.

17 thoughts on “Counting Commercials

  1. 1. Excellent job on your dedication to exercise. 2. Excellent job on trying to avoid the commercials! (I hate them! I tried to watch a two-hour show the other night that should have been forty minutes long without all of the commercial breaks.)

  2. Kudos to you for keeping your routine – although a little earlier now. Commercials are so annoying, especially when you don’t really know what they’re trying to sell. Soon you’ll be outside pedaling and enjoying nature.

  3. Terje says:

    Obviously not very good commercials because they did not encourage you to buy anything. Had you bought something it would have been a completely different story. 😉

  4. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    I bet you are looking forward to getting outside on your bike soon! No commercials there, either! I am not surprised by all those commercials, but agree that it’s quite annoying and not very motivating! So, at least now you have a plan! Good for you!

  5. carwilc says:

    Good for you, for getting on the bike every day. What about audiobooks, would those be better than television, where the commercials really are endless. One of my goals for spring break is to find an exercise class, but it has not happened yet.

  6. I have noticed with World News Tonight. The first fifteen minutes there are no commercials. The last 15, however, it is 30 seconds of news followed by 4 minutes on commercials. Annoying. Your new routine should work out just fine. Enjoy the commercial free rides.

  7. I admire your tenacity. The only thing that I’ve ever been able to do on a regular basis has been walking. I find my bicycle seat way too uncomfortable. Bravo for your efforts.

  8. That is motivation for sure. I was planning to recommend that you use Netflix to avoid the commercials, but getting on the bike earlier is even better. Now if you could just motivate me to fit some exercise into my day!

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