A Snow Day Minus Snow

I check my calendar. In two days, I am to visit a school to observe teachers during writing workshop. I have not been to this school for over a month. I send the principal an email confirming my anticipated day. I want to be sure I am expected, since it takes over an hour to get to the school.

I wait all day for a response.  None.

I wait the next day, still no response. This is unusual for this principal.

At 8:39 p.m. I get a text. “I’m so sorry, I just saw your email. Perhaps we should reschedule. One of the teachers is out sick. There would be few teachers to see tomorrow. So sorry for cancelling so late!”

That message put a spring into my step as I prepared for bed. It’s a snow day for me, but there’s no snow. I can sleep in, if I want to. I can read all day, if I want to. I have freedom to plan my day.

That school day will be rescheduled when everyone is back and healthy. I’m just glad I didn’t get up early, drive an hour, and not be able to do my job. A snow day with no snow is perfect!

Note: this happened last week before the broken tooth. It was a post in my pocket for a day I might not be able to write. Today I needed that post since I will be in the oral surgeon’s chair at 7:30 a.m. and not sure what the day will bring.