Derailed No More

On Friday my post was how the day’s envisioned plans were derailed by a broken tooth. Saturday was the make-up day, but it didn’t start out on easy street.

First, I like to use a smaller cross-body purse when I am wandering about in a large, crowded space. As I was transferring needed items, I could not find my fob for the keyless car. Search one purse, search another purse, pull everything out of searched purses – no fob. I knew it had to be in one of those purses.

I locked the car, then brought my purse out to see if it would unlock. First purse, car stayed locked. Second purse, beep beep – unlocked. Relief! Somehow I missed it (could I have been a little frantic in my search?) I sure didn’t want to replace that item!

Second, I grabbed my camera just in case I wanted to get a picture and needed to zoom in. Thinking ahead, I thought I should replace the battery with one I’d recently charged. Old battery out, newly charged battery in. Wait! It’s not fitting? I can’t close the battery door. Take it out, turn it around, slip it in. Won’t close! Did I break it? I set it aside, maybe time will help. It didn’t. Will I need to get a new camera? Try one more time . . .  Turn it around, peer inside the space, try to match up the contact points. Ahhh! It slid in and the door shut. Problem solved.

Finally, we are in the car, on our way. Five miles down the road I glance at the GPS and it indicates no phone is connected. It should show a phone, there are two in the car. I mention this to my husband. He checks his pocket, no phone. Turn around to retrieve the phone. I know at some point we will be separated at the auto show, the phone will help us find each other.


Once again we head down the road. After a rocky start all went well the rest of the day. I only have eighty pages left to read in Turtles All the Way Down. I enjoyed lunch and dinner out. No lantern was purchased, but that’s not a problem. I will continue to look. Yes, we did need that phone to locate each other. Plus, there was one car that caught my eye

Too bright? 🙂