Cardinal Conversation

Tap, tap

She: Is anyone home? I see red. Heelllooo!

Tap, tap

She: No one answered.  I know someone is home.


Come closer! Take a look! Someone is brighter than you!

He: I don’t think it’s safe to be that close. I like it out here.

She: Take a chance, I’ll meet you on the arm of this chair.

He: That’s as far as I’m going!

She: See, there’s nothing to be afraid of here. You need to take a chance and explore the world a little more. Who knows what’s out there waiting to be discovered.

He: You are right, look over there. Is that a bird feeder I spot? Let’s check it out.

They flew away that day, but she continues to tap at various windows. He, however, stays back and has not come closer again.