Mail, Now and Later

Sitting at my desk, I have a view down my street. I hear it before I see it.  Rrrrrummmmble, silence, rrrrrummmmble, silence, the mail truck begins its journey up my street. It has six stops  before my mailbox.

It’s a quick trip to get the mail at the end of the driveway, I don’t grab a jacket. I try to time my arrival with the mail truck’s arrival. Then I will hustle back to the warmth of the house as I thumb through the envelopes, catalogs, and magazines.

Two mailboxes away, the truck does a spin around and heads back to a mailbox she has visited already. I stand at the end of the driveway, waiting, getting chilled by the wind. She fumbles around at the previous mailbox. I get colder. Finally, rrrrrummmmble, silence, rrrrrummmmble, silence, she gets to me.

I reach out for the mail she is handing me. “Wait, I have a package too,” she says. I wait. She confirms our house number, flip, flip, flip through one box. Flip, flip, flip through two more boxes. I’m getting colder. She can’t find the package. She looks back toward the Amazon boxes. “It won’t be from Amazon,” I tell her. “It could be drugs or a book.” I watch her flip through bags similar to our mail delivered prescriptions and a Thrift book wrapped package. I tell her to check those. She tells me they aren’t ours. “Sorry,” she says, then rrrrrummmmble, silence. She is off to the next box. I’m really cold and a bit aggravated.

An hour later, I’m still working at my desk. Rrrrrummmmble, silence, the mail truck is scooting back up our street and stops at our mailbox. I watch to see what goes into the mailbox. Two prescription bags and one book! I wait until she drives away before heading out to retrieve our mail.

I appreciate that she finally found our items and came back instead of waiting until tomorrow. This was not our regular mail person, so I will not judge her too harshly and I did get my book. (The Deadliest Creature in the World by Brenda Guiberson)

11 thoughts on “Mail, Now and Later

  1. This is a reminder of how much we take things like our daily mail delivery for granted. Glitches like this give us the opportunity to reflect on real problems vs. small incidents. You were right to forgive her.

  2. carwilc says:

    Brrr!!!! I feel cold right along with you! I’m surprised your mail person came back, I don’t think mine would have done that.

  3. You are so great at making us feel like we’re right there with you, elsie! I think the onomatopoeia really did it in this one, plus the repetition of how cold you were! I could feel your frustration, and then I loved the surprise that she actually found the packages and came back!

  4. NICE, having wait through all of that cold and fumbling! Your recounting is so real that I am actually shivering -! And how gracious you are toward the new delivery person.I do hope you’ll share what you think of your book.

  5. I usually tell the cats to let me know when the mail is in, but for some reason they don’t. Glad you got your packages. Hope you had a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to warm you up when you got back inside.

  6. Joyce says:

    The arrival of mail has always been a favorite part of my day. I was holding my breath while the mail person searched through the bins for your delivery… glad she returned with the book and pills.

  7. mrsday75 says:

    Our mail lady walks our street, but I always know she’s coming. Chloe does NOT like any delivery people who come to our house. And she lets us know when someone comes.

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