Souper Sunday

Last year I had to google the term “soft foods” because that’s what the oral surgeon told my husband to eat after his tooth extraction. Now I know what to do following a tooth extraction. My goal for Sunday was to prepare a couple of soups to have on hand for this week of soft food entrees.

First on the list was Creamy Roasted Red Pepper and Cauliflower Soup with Goat Cheese. I used jarred roasted red peppers, but I did roast the cauliflower.  I am always amazed how much the vegetable shrinks when it is roasted. This soup was finished in no time. I used a stick blender to partial puree the soup.

Next on my list was Creamy Chicken Soup with Orzo. Another quick soup to put together after chopping the carrots, celery, and onion. Both soups boxed up and ready for duty in two days.


Since my chewing will be limited, I decide to go with a Thai theme for dinner. Chicken satay, fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. Monday night will also include chewing. Doing while I can with no pain.


25 thoughts on “Souper Sunday

  1. You’re a champ. I’m a soup disaster artist. Always mush or bland! I did 2 weeks of soft week diet with my son last month when he got his tonsils out – kid survived on scrambled eggs and very soft banana bread. He barely touched a popsicle or the expensive Lactaid ice cream I stocked up on! Good luck! At least you’re prepared to eat afterwards!

  2. Sundays are great for soup-making! I was right there with you, peeling, dicing, rolling, then shredding a homemade chicken meatball soup! Enjoy chewing while you can, and let the delicious ingredients you included in your soups nourish you back to health! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. mrsday75 says:

    Here’s another post I’m saving today, although I’ll be saving this one to my recipe folder. These soups look amazing!

  4. Sounds like you’re making the best of an unpleasant situation. Those soup recipes sound delicious! You’ll be back to new in no time… I’ve been down this road several times-ugh.

  5. I should not be reading this post so close to lunch! All these recipes sound wonderful! Why have I never thought to roast cauliflower – guess what I’m having for dinner?!

  6. Wow, so fancy! I had to do soft foods for 2 months following an oral surgery I had when I was 13. My mom is not such a fancy cook, plus I’m not such a fancy eater, so I ate a lot of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and eggs, lol!

    Good luck!

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