Every morning I spend about thirty minutes ambling, trudging, strolling, and sometimes traipsing up one street, around a bend or two, and back down towards my home. The road doesn’t change, but my direction alternates between clockwise and counter clockwise. You would think the views of the homes and yards would be the same each day, but it is not. Every day I notice something new. Sometimes I take a picture to save the thinking that might turn into a blog post. Which is exactly what happened today. Here you have a few random sightings that left me puzzled.

Sidewalks are generally straight. They curve when the road curves, that is to be expected. Occasionally they veer off because of a nonnegotiable structure.

Close-up of previous photo.

What is the reason for this?








Why the bump into the grass?

This view made me stop. I am standing on the sidewalk wondering the purpose/reason for this path to this tree. It is not wide enough to walk on. Why did the homeowner prevent the grass from growing? I keep watching to see what happens to this path. So far, no signs of grass seed on this path.

The arrow is pointing to the tree at the end of the path.

Just down from the confusing path, I come across this mess on the sidewalk.

I understand that the dirt (which becomes mud when it rains) is from the yard where a house is under construction. What I don’t understand is the trail of mud that travels down the sidewalk. At first I thought a bike had ridden through the mud, but the mud trail is too wide for a bike’s tire.

Look how far this trail of mud goes. Why is there an entire sidewalk box full of mud when it has grass on both sides?

You can see that the trail continues on and crosses another home’s driveway. I am flummoxed by the trail of mud.

These are some of the puzzling thoughts that occupy my mind these days. What’s puzzling you? 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. I have looked at your pictures several times as I marvel at the quirks in nature or man-made too. I like how you share your thoughts and the freedom it is in writing. When I was stuck this week, I thought about your style and it helped jump start my ideas. Thanks, friend. Wishing you sunshine!

  2. Thank you for inviting us on your walk! The mystery of the tree path was perfect for drawing me in. I’d love to know what is up!

  3. Love your use of the word flummoxed! And can I say that I’m ecstatic to read your words and see your photos and get a glimpse of your thinking. It never fails to entertain and I do need entertainment in my life right now!

  4. Annie Campbell says:

    This makes me think of Rilke’s line, “Live the questions.” And I love how you tracked the process with your camera. I am going to go on a “Live the questions” walk tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring

  5. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Hmmm … you have me wondering too! Reminds me of something I have seen before online: “You had one job to do” with photos and captions of the unexplainable! You definitely have an eye for detail!

  6. Terje says:

    The ways to walk, the ways to see. You have a curious mind. Majority of people wouldn’t even notice what you discover.

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