I Miss It


Some people see it as a chore. I see it as a challenge. Sometimes it’s an adventure.  Sometimes it is inconvenient and interrupts my day, but I don’t think of it as a chore.

I am not allowed to do it the way I like to do it. I create a list. I search through my resources to develop a plan. Once the plan is set, I am off and gathering.

What is this not-a-chore for me? Grocery shopping! Every Sunday, I select the recipes for the week. I note what needs to be bought for each recipe. I jot down what needs to be replenished. I check the grocery ads, jotting down possible items that are on sale.

With my list in hand, I head to this store, then that store, maybe one other (it has a good sale on something I love). I am not a one stop shopper. One store may have better produce, but it doesn’t carry salt-free tomatoes products, so I have to go to another store to find just what I want. In the produce aisle, I carefully pick out my leaf lettuce, fragrant strawberries, snow-white cauliflower, and bananas with varying shades of green and yellow.

That used to be my shopping routine. Now, I have to use apps to order groceries on-line and hope I can get a pick-up time. So few times are available, so I have to get up at midnight when the window opens for scheduling.

It pains me to leave the produce picking to someone else. I scour the app looking for the items I used to easily pick up and drop into my cart, but they are not there. I look for replacements, they are not there. I hope that when the shopper goes to collect my choices they are on the shelf.

There is no joy in on-line shopping for me. I long for the day I can go back into the store and select my own groceries. All I can say is I miss it. (sigh)