I couldn’t believe my luck! Delectable delights waiting to be devoured and I was the only one there. Look at all the maple seeds (they are also called samaras or kids call them helicopters – but I call them delicious!) just laying around.

I must admit, I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings because I was starving. I was here last week checking out this location and no one was around. Imagine my shock when a robin attacked me, immediately followed by a small blackish bird. They flew right at me and pecked my head! What was that all about? Quickly I dove for cover.

The hostas were perfect for hiding. I waited for a bit then cautiously crept out to continue my feast. Have you ever tried these seeds? They are the best in the spring!

Just as I settled back in for my feast, the birds were back interrupting my meal. I would have gladly shared my seeds, but they weren’t having it. They kept flying right into me so I had to hide out under the arborvitae tree.

Cautiously I crept out to continue my dinner, but I wasn’t safe for long.

Thank goodness for the safety in the hostas! Do you see that robin sitting on the fence. It was just waiting for me to creep out of my hiding place.

Eventually I gave up trying to have a peaceful meal. I climbed up the fence and was strolling along the top when the #%$@! bird came charging. I scurried across the top of that fence and hid in a dense viburnum bush. Maybe later I will go back and snack on a few seeds. Want to join me?

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Surprise Visitor

You weren’t invited, but you decided to “pop in” to check out the neighborhood. You didn’t think anyone spotted you, but you were wrong. I saw you through the kitchen window.

You sat up, looked around, then climbed the nearest tree. Conveniently, you found a shelf. It was perfect for a rest and to observe the world below.

Soon you became bored and disappeared in the foliage. Will you be back?

Can you spot the squirrel?

We have lived in our house sixteen years and I think this is only the second time we have had a squirrel in our backyard. It was quite a surprise to see it and watch it from the kitchen window.

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Walking Two Ways

One Way

Phone in pocket,

Eyes scan horizon,

Birds chirp,

Check the time.

Slower steps to start, momentum grows,

Until . . .

A curious mind pauses,

What’s that?

What’s new?


Snap photo.


Check time, how long have I walked?

Reset body posture.

Moving along, photos preserve thoughts.

Check the time, long enough.

Back home, birds still chirping.

Another Way

Phone in pocket,

Earbuds in place,

Return a phone call.

Watch for fellow walkers

While listening and responding.

Unconsciously moving forward,

Up a hill,

Down a hill,

Around a bend.

Call ends.

I am home


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A Plain Walnut Box

Standing on a step stool, I reached for the long plastic box that held my shorts through the winter. I spotted the walnut jewelry box pushed up beside the wall, just out of my reach.

It was placed high up in the closet sixteen years ago when we moved into this house. At that time, I couldn’t part with this box or the treasures it held. It didn’t fit in with the decor of the room, so it was put on the top shelf in the closet. It has occupied that space for many years, because as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Every year as I swapped my turtleneck sweaters for shorts I saw the box, but didn’t touch it. The plain walnut box and the treasures within were safe.

My father enjoyed creating with wood. This was one of the many items he built in his lifetime. He probably made it for me when I was in high school, which was about fifty years ago.

Curiosity made me grab a hanger to pull the box toward me. I used a tissue from my pocket to wipe the thick layer of dust off the top. Slowly I pulled out the top drawer.

I study the objects in the tray. I have no idea what the key would open. Is that a shark’s tooth or an animal claw necklace? Where did that come from? I remember the scarab earring, but what happened to the other earring?

Under the tray are more mysteries. Why do I have an elephant figurine? I do remember the scarab bracelet, the glass snowflake, the engraved charm, and the gold cross necklace. The ring and Christmas tree pin don’t even tickle a memory.

Treasures in this drawer include a pearl (fake) necklace, a broken butterfly necklace, a telephone stickpin, a jade necklace, two buttons, a sorority Greek letter necklace, and a small white box. Only two of the items stirred any memory.

What’s in the white box, you ask? Five dollars in coins, but look closer, some are quite old. The quarters are from 1936-1964.

What are they doing in my plain walnut box? What will I do with them?

I think I will part with some of these “treasures,” but I may find new treasure to fill in the spaces to be discovered another day.