Changes Abound

Mother Nature is constant and consistent. Spring always follows winter. Some years it is the shortest season, but it is filled with life and wonder. Here’s what I noticed:

Look at the top of this tree. Leaves appear from the top working its way down the limbs.

Only a few leaves on this tree, but look where they are!













Baby leaf buds on this burning bush.

A few weeks later, the buds are becoming leaves and tiny branches have sprouted.






This tree does not change much from season to season. It is always green, it just grows taller each year. But this year it has a secret.

This is the view one has when you leave my house. This slight gap became the entrance for someone who was house hunting.

A home was built and a family will soon occupy this space. I am not sure who has moved in. Do you know?

Could this be the new tenant?

Every day, I see a difference in the world that surrounds me as Mother Nature takes over. She has no time for the virus to disrupt her life. For now, I will be content to see what She has in store.

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