The Best Surprise

The last few months, I get this panicked feeling every Monday evening. I sift through the events of my week looking for a nugget that might be of interest to someone. Thinking, how can I expand a moment into a blog worthy post? I don’t know what has happened, but my life seems to have slowed down. I work at my desk. I fix dinner. I watch TV while reading on-line and interacting via games on the internet in the evening. I go to bed. Repeat, day after day.

Where will my slice come from, I worry. Maybe I will skip this week, I think. But then I read slices and I find myself at the computer tapping out my thoughts. So once again, no thought of a slice until I read an email from Oprah titled 11 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Before the Year Ends. I clicked on the link, curious as to what every woman should write down and found my nugget for today. It was #8 The Best Surprise You’ve Ever Had. The caption under the title said, “There’s no better way to celebrate the rich, full life you’ve lived so far—and the big, bright future ahead—than telling your story.”

An example was given, a 40th birthday party. That brought back memories. I did have a fabulous 40th birthday party. It was a party that included a pina colada in a pineapple with a paper umbrella and hula dancing men wearing coconut bras. But that was not the best surprise ever.

Here is the best surprise, ever:

Mike, my husband, and I were on our way to a Ben Folds concert in June. We had purchased these tickets months before. We only knew Ben Folds from his role on the TV show The Sing-Off. Since we enjoyed his humor and comments, we decided to see what he would do in a live performance.

It was a Sunday, late afternoon, a time when my son might place his weekly call to me. Just as we were parallel parking, my phone rang with the unique ringtone indicating it was David. Since we were in the car, the phone went right to bluetooth, so we could both chat with David.

After a few minutes of chatting, catching up on everyday happenings David said, “I have something to tell you.” My heart dropped, those words often indicated that something was not right in his world. But the next two words were the best surprise ever. Words I didn’t ever think I would hear. “Allie’s pregnant.”

The feeling of worry and dread exploded into joy that cannot be described. We had a baby coming into our life! I cannot wait for this baby girl to arrive! (due date: Jan. 1) So here’s to the big, bright future ahead as our family grows. 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Best Surprise

  1. wow…I’m so excited for you…amazing and wonderful…a baby! My life, again is kind of a mirror to yours…oh, I guess I’m taking piano lessons. I also feel like I’m really starting to notice things again…and you helped me with the idea of getting a fresh look on my blog…thank you LC! xo

  2. I love the tip link. Now I am thinking. I know you are anxious to hold your baby girl. I love the contrast between you fear and unexplainable joy. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories in the future.

  3. There isn’t anything better, Elsie, than a new baby you can call yours! Well, maybe not precisely yours, but your grandchild. Congratulations, and Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Congrats on your best surprise ever! Is this the son that lives in CA? If so, that’s too far away. I think you may be accruing a few frequent flier miles soon. We’ll look forward to pics and stories.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Such a special gift to receive. You have so much to look forward to. We are so thankful for our two special little girls. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Kathy Douglas says:

    Yeah! So happy for you. I know just how you feel! I am sure there will be many more blogs when this little girl gets here! Can’t wait to read them. Congratulations!!!

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