Pausing This Morning

I cracked one eye open, the window was still dark. I gratefully closed that eye, did an internal sigh of contentment, and settled back into the bed, pulling the blanket just a bit closer. Today I don’t have to get up. Today I can enjoy the softness and warmth of the bed a few minutes longer. Tomorrow I can’t.

Outside was brittle cold. Record lows were noted for the record books. I knew I had a busy day ahead, but I had the luxury of setting my own time schedule. I was in no hurry to begin. Twenty minutes later, the sun was just making its presence known. It was time to get the day started, but I smiled as I thought of the extra few minutes I could take today.

Those moments used to be a rare happening. Busy family life always kept everyone on a frantic pace. Now, there is less family in the house. The pace has slowed. There are more quiet moments now. I enjoy the quiet, but yet I miss the earlier life too.

12 thoughts on “Pausing This Morning

  1. Tiffy says:

    I LOVE the days life slows down…. I can see how it would be blissful to savor that feeling and at the same time be torn for the bustle of loved ones.

  2. This is a beautiful sketch of something I wonder about- just around the corner for me as my daughters finish high school. You capture well the conflicting emotions that I imagine having.

  3. It’s such a dilemma. I love the quiet times, & now lately more than ever, but I also loved having my daughter & her family when they moved in with me last May while they were doing renovations. Both sweet times. Hope your cold goes away soon, Elsie. We’re warming up, then cold & possible snow again next Monday!

  4. So true…I was just recently recalling the morning I was curing my then long, long hair when my daughter decided to question Santa….while her brother was pulling at my leg, still in his wet diaper and footed sleeper…..I too love the wonderful way we accept change but remember the “old days.”

  5. I admit that I am totally enjoying retirement. I do sometimes feel that I did get more accomplished when I worked because of the schedule I kept. I still wouldn’t go back, though.

  6. Judy C. says:

    Retirement is wonderful, but yes, those moments of going and doing are missed (momentarily). I love the freedom of not having or needing to do something now, but when I feel like it.

  7. I too miss the frantic earlier days, but must admit to savoring many moments of quiet as the pace of my life has slowed down. Love the delicious way you described the extra few moments you grabbed before getting up.

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