The Difference in a Day

How much difference can there be in just one day? Here’s my answer to that . . .

Yesterday: I began the day with long sleeves and long pants, but by noon I changed into short sleeves, capris, and barefoot.

Today: Layers are needed, warm fleece, soft knits that hug, and cozy socks.

Yesterday: Bright blue skies, winds that played with the leaves still clutching their branches.

Today: Gray skies, dampness that chills, winds that howl.

Yesterday: Lounging on the patio, savoring the warming rays of sunshine while enjoying the final pages of a book, iced tea at hand.

Today: Barricaded in my office, a small space heater to take the chill off, steaming coffee at hand.

Yesterday: During the night, a sheet for a cover, occasionally tossed aside.

Tonight: A fleece blanket will be tucked close to my chin trapping the warmth.

It seems that winter has announced he is back and plans to stay for quite a while. Sigh . . . one day makes a difference.