Meeting Up

It’s Tuesday, I am reading my email of comments made on the blog. There she it. She has commented and now I have an email address. My fingers reach out to send an email, but quickly I pull them back as thoughts begin to crowd my mind.

Would she want to meet me? Would I be a disappointment to her? I am in awe of her writing talent. What does she really think of my slices? Many more questions and writing insecurities cause me to stop any action . . . this week. I will face this dilemma again next week.

I am in California and I know that Write Kim Write of the Learning Tour Writing Stop blog lives somewhere around the area where I am staying. We could meet face-to-face. The idea intrigues me, but yet I hesitate.

Each day I walk around the neighborhood and wonder if she is near. Could I be walking by her home? Yes, I know the probabilities are nearly impossible, but stranger things have happened to me.

Tuesday of week two arrives, what will I do when I am faced with that email address again? There it is. Kim has commented on my slice. I think, what if I go home and she sees that I was here and writes you should have told me, we could have met. I want to meet her, but does she? If I don’t ask, I will never know. During the evening I make the decision to contact her. I create the email with the subject line: Message from Elsie since my email has a different name attached to it. I click send as my heart races. Will she respond or trash it (thinking it is some kind of spam). I don’t have long to wait. My iPad dings there is a message. Yes, it is from Kim and she wants to meet up! Several emails fly back and forth finding a time to meet. It’s getting late and she has to teach tomorrow, so we will finalize the plans later.

Wednesday I have a new email with details of a pl.ace and time. We plan to meet in Corona for lunch. Kim confesses she is a bit nervous about meeting me. I laugh when I read that because she doesn’t know the half of my case of nerves. It seems like a long time until Friday.

My husband decides to drive me to the meet because he can take our son out for lunch (as luck has it , he works in Corona). We arrive a little early, but soon a car pulls up and it is Kim! There is no time to be nervous or wonder what to say. Within five seconds I am so comfortable with her that it feels like we have known each other  forever.

What a fun afternoon we had talking, eating (shall I mention an apple cobbler a la mode?), and more talking. I don’t think there was a lull of five seconds at any point. Hours slipped away as we learned more about each other’s life. We ended up at Barnes and Noble in the children’s book section (are you surprised?). I had to share a few of my favorite new titles, plus we were looking to find the new Pete the Cat book. It was not on the shelf with the other Pete books, so we turned away disappointed. However, that did not stop Kim. She asked a worker and Pete was discoveverd in a new location. Kim picked up two books to buy. One for her and one for me!

“Whenever you read this, you will remember the day we spent together,” Kim tells me when I protest that she doesn’t need to buy this. Truer words were never spoken. I just think about that book and my face breaks out in a smile remembering a special person.

Sadly it was time to head for home. I can’t believe the day has gone by so fast. I only wish she lived closer so we could meet up more. It was the BEST day ever!

So here’s the lesson, if you have the chance to meet a fellow slicer, DO IT!

That’s me on the left and Kim on the right. Guess where we are.

31 thoughts on “Meeting Up

  1. Terje says:

    Such a wonderful post. Seeing your nervousness replaced by joy and feeling the excitement of meeting a fellow slicer – super. I have learned that world is not too big, so I hope that one day I will meet some slicers face to face too.

  2. I wish the country – world for that matter – wasn’t so big. It would be fun for more of us to meet face to face – I’m sure there would be no gaps in conversation.

  3. This is great! I love how you shared the feelings as you told the story. I think that is exactly how I would feel to know I was meeting some of the fellow slicers! Maybe someday…

  4. I love the idea of meeting fellow slicers, I hope the opporitunity presents itself someday! So glad you and Kim got to share a great day together and get a book as a reminder.

  5. This is so fun! It is so great that you got to meet a fellow slicer! I respect and admire the work of all here! It would definitely be a great chance to meet up…also, it kinda goes with my mantra for this year-you never know until you ask…this goes for so much this year…opportunities mount up if you just take the chance to ask…Great for you both!

  6. How cool is that?!! I am always amazed by how comfortable it is to spend face to face time with the people we’ve grown close to via blogging. Somehow the connections made through sharing written words run deeper than some daily face to face connections ever grow to be. So happy for you and Kim!

  7. Love this! It is fantastic that you met up with one another! Loved your honest image of walking around the neighborhood and wondering if she was there, and your nervousness about actually meeting. How perfect to hang out at a book store!

  8. So cool! Thank you for sharing your true feelings of nervousness. I recently met up with someone that was in an online group with me for the first time and had very similar feelings but it too turned out well! So glad you had a great day. I find myself hungry for some cobbler. Oooh… is that new Pete the Cat book out – I have to get it!!!

  9. That’s so awesome, elsie! You had me grinning as always while you described your nervousness — I would have been thinking exactly the same things! I’m so jealous you got to meet each other in person! The book is an amazing gift — you should be sure to keep it somewhere easily accessible so it can always bring a smile to your face! 🙂

  10. What an exciting, and suspenseful, post! I loved it! You wrote your energy, both nervous and excited, so well!! I am jealous of each of you for getting to meet the other! 🙂 How fun!!! And, I am glad it went as well as I would have expected it to go.

  11. Judy C. says:

    How special and I could just feel your apprehension and joy. Glad you could meet and nourish your on-line blogging friendship.

  12. Love this! I’m hoping to meet up with a couple of slicers this summer! And yes, I suspect it will feel like we have been friends forever, just like it did for you and Kim!

  13. margaretsmn says:

    I’m glad you took the initiative and met with Kim. How much fun! If any of you head south (that’s deep South Louisiana), look me up. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Isn’t it great when real life can imitate fairytales and have a happy ending. I bet there are a lot of new friendships like yours where people have met thanks to Ruth and Stacey:)

  15. Terrific, Elsie. What a model you are. I am planning to meet one of our slicers this summer. We both live in Denver & have planned to meet at a favorite bookstore too! Your time sounds like the best time ever, as you said!

    • Are you meeting at the Tattered Cover? I’m SO JEALOUS! I mentioned to Andy that I’d love to go on vacation to visit the Tattered Cover…he’s not convince that a bookstore is enough of a reason for a plane ride half way across the country! (Is he a silly boy, or what?)

  16. How fabulous was that?! And how very grand that you had the best day ever, as well…this slice of life community is a very special one indeed. Your slice reminded me of meeting Bonnie, and feeling that “within five seconds I am so comfortable with her that it feels like we have known each other forever.” Yup!

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