Aerial Tag

They are back. I run to get my camera because it has a great zoom feature. I try one shot but it seems blurry. It is the darkening film on the windows that makes it hard to focus. I need to go outside. S-l-o-w-l-y, I turn the handle. I move carefully, as I sink into the chair on the patio.

Zip! Zoom! Darting left! Swerve right! They move with such speed and grace as the trees absorb the finches that have come to play tag in my backyard. They disappear from my sight, but there is a constant chattering surrounding me as I watch the birds engage in a game of aerial tag.

Time for a quick sip!

A quick timeout at the birdbath to catch their breath and grab a sip of water. Then they are back in the air swooping and swerving as they chase each other back and forth. My head turns left, then right as I try to keep my eye on them. They are too quick for me to catch them in the air, but I do manage to zoom in on a few as they sit on the sidelines. Did they get tagged? Are they out? Did they need a rest? Soon they all zip off to another yard, but I know they will be back and I will love watching the games they play.

Here’s a good spot to rest.

The best views are from the top!