Books, Books, Books

It puts a happy smile on my face when the county library announces the dates for their annual spring book sale AND I will be in town to attend it. A preview day is always set for the Monday evening for patrons of the library or you can pay an admission fee. I decided to wait until Tuesday morning to attend.

I planned my arrival to be about fifteen minutes after the doors open, hoping to avoid the crush of people. As I approached the building with my tote bag in hand, I marveled at the number of people scurrying into the double glass doors. There was no crush, but there was a constant stream. Once inside a decision must be made, head to the “better books” section or the cheaper books area. I turn towards the “better books.” The entrance is guarded by several senior citizens, but they do not interfere with me.

The tables are filled with small boxes of books waiting to be flipped through. Each table has a sign designating the type of books in the boxes. Picture books is my first table to begin the browsing. Flip, flip, snatch and drop into my bag. This process is repeated box after box. My eyes look down, there are more boxes below the tables! Gingerly I kneel down to flip through these boxes. Mothers with young children in-tow bump into me causing me to lose my balance. Some are pushing strollers between the tables. There really isn’t enough room for that. My bag is getting heavy as I move on to the poetry table, then the nonfiction table. I stop, look over the tables in the Children’s section to see if I’ve been to every box. Yes, I think I have.

Now I take my bag to a side table away from the crush of people to look carefully at the treasures I have tucked into my bag. Some of the books are unfamiliar, I dropped it in because of the author. Slowly, I read through each book assessing it. Does this book meet my criteria to make it a mentor text for reading or writing? Several do not pass the test. I put those books back into boxes.

My bag is still heavy as I make my way to the table where the ladies tally the cost of your books. Once you have your tally paper, you get in line to pay. Fortunately I put cash in my pocket so I was able to get into a “cash only” line. After paying I leave my books at the “holding” table so I can look and see what is available in the other section. The pickings are slim, but I do find two books. This line is much shorter. I return to the “holding” table to reclaim my bag and head out the door. A smile is on my face as I greet those who are just arriving because I have a bag of treasures. I wonder, “What did I miss by not being there the first day?” Check it out and see what I found!

All this for just under $30!


27 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books

  1. Wow, what a collection for less than $30! I had a perfect image of you in my head as you sorted eagerly through the books — “Flip, flip, snatch!” Great details!

  2. Judy C. says:

    Quite a haul you made – good for you – and summer’s almost here, so you can read, read, read. I love our library sales.

  3. Cyndy McKenzie says:

    I could just picture you sorting through your treasures at the side table. I saw several mentor texts I use in your picture.

  4. Terje says:

    When reading, I felt the tightness of the crowd and the heaviness of your bag. Your excitement and satisfaction were obvious. A super day for you.

  5. THE NIGHT I FOLLOWED THE DOG is hilarious! Looks like you got some great picks. Lots of good non-fiction too! I love filling a bag with books.

  6. Yippee it is so much fun when you take us on a book shopping spree with you. I share your excitement and joy at the treasures you find! I thought what would Elsie write as I bird watched in my own backyard this morning. Then I remembered I still have first graders expecting me this morning and I had better get moving!! 🙂

  7. I am so jealous! I would love to go to a sale like that! There is such joy to be found in a room full of books…especially when you can take them home with you! What a treasure you have there – for a great price too! Enjoy!

  8. Lynn says:

    Don’t you just love a DEAL?! When I go to the Scholastic Book Sale it’s like an addiction I want them all!!! Great descriptions of your shopping day!

  9. TGH says:

    I can see you ‘gingerly’ squating down and the carts and kids bumping into you. Your passion for books puts a smile on my face for so many reasons. This was written beautifully and the picture to show the stash is a great reveal following the climax of your story.

  10. margaretsmn says:

    Wow! What a great new collection! I can’t wait to hear about which is your favorite and what you are doing with all these picture books. I haven’t been to the library book sale in years for one reason or another. Hope I can go again this year.

  11. aruddteacher100 says:

    It looks like you hit the jackpot! A nice mixture of fiction and non-fiction! The one that caught my eye was “Those Shoes”. I am on the look-out for shoes stories because of creating, “If the shoe fits” lesson. Let me know what that book is about-I’ve never read it before.

  12. Courage, Relatively Speaking, Summersaults, and A Lucky Thing – all personal favorites! What a stash! I love the thrill of searching for a great find, the excitement of unearthing each treasure, and the joy of supporting my local library! I like the image of you stepping away to a side table to carefully assess each title before heading for the checkout line.

  13. Oh, what treasures you have found! I love going to these sales, we have one in April and I always leave with at least three shopping bags worth. The best part? Unpacking them the next day with my students!

  14. djts says:

    Nice haul! I recognize some of those… One Sun… A Monarch Butterfly’s Life… Snow… A House Spider’s Life… and some others that I recognize the covers of but don’t remember the titles (and they are too small to read). I love going to the library discard sales. I’m trying not to go any more! I do not…DO NOT…need any more books! So I have to stay away 😦 or I will get more and have to stack them on the floor. But it makes me happy that you can get the benefit of those books I have to leave behind!

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