. . . And Then It Happened

I have just returned home from spending three restful weeks in southern California. This has been a very busy year for me with little down-time. I needed to get away and relax. We cashed in an airline voucher, so we did not have to spend two days driving. That was nice.

The weekend before we left, my son warned me that he might be out of town for two of the weeks we were there. I crossed my fingers and prayed that the project would be delayed. Thankfully it was.

We arrived two days before my brother-in-law was set to take off on vacation. At the time we planned this, he thought we would be maintaining his house that was for sale. However, the house sold, he moved, and we still planned to come.

Life was able to move at a slower pace. We did nothing extraordinary. No sight-seeing. We simply enjoyed the company of our son and his family. It was a special treat to be with my son for Mother’s Day. He brought me a bouquet of flowers and took me out to lunch, followed by an afternoon of conversation. I savored that day as I am not usually there. Another highlight of this trip was meeting Kim, but you read all about that last week. It was quiet and peaceful.

My peace was destroyed when I turned on my phone in Dallas during our layover. There were multiple text messages and voice messages all carrying the same information. Your email has been hacked. A serious sense of dread washed over me, my stomach dropped. There were many concerned friends out there because the email they got said I was robbed in Madrid, Spain and needed some money to get home. Fortunately, no one thought this was true.

Unfortunately, the hackers erased all my contacts and every email file I had. Once I got home, I called the email provider and spent the next hour and a half on the phone resetting passwords. There was no way to retrieve any of the lost information. I must apologize to anyone who may have received this malicious email from me (because there are several of you who were in my address book). I am so sorry.

Besides the email issue, there was a message on the phone from the credit card company to call them immediately. The woman informed me that ten days before someone tried to use my card number to book a flight on Moroccan Air. The charges were denied (thank goodness!). That card was now cancelled.

What a homecoming!


19 thoughts on “. . . And Then It Happened

  1. That is a roller coaster. I hope it didn’t erase whatever peace you found on vacation! Writing about all the goodness is a great way to remind yourself of the calm before the storm! Yikes.

  2. Ug! I am so sorry – that just sucks and is such a horrible way to end a relaxing vacation. So much extra time and stress to spend on something so cruel by another person. Wishing you an easy process in fixing it all up.

  3. Yuck! I just hate how all good things can go so wrong. Email is such a blessing. Vacation is such a blessing. Time is such a blessing. And yet, all of it can be damaged so easily! Sorry this happened to you!!

  4. That’s a rotten way to end a nice vacation! I’m sorry you had to go through this frustrating mess! I don’t understand what people are thinking sometimes…why would anyone want to do this to someone?

  5. Frustrating to have that happen to you after such a nice visit. So sorry to hear about the mess that I’m sure caused you more stress than desired. I hope you can get back to visit your family again soon though, it sounds like it was just what you needed.

  6. Judy C. says:

    Hopefully, things are getting back in order for you – what a mess. But I am so happy that you had a wonderful trip.

  7. ohhhh, I was so happy for you at the beginning of the post and then what an awful mess! I hope it all got worked out ok! A few years ago that happened to one of my friends, with the same story about being robbed in Spain! Hackers just make me think, “How on earth can people be so awful?!”

  8. I did receive the e-mail, but it was from someone else, like they took that name & sent it to me about that someone, whom I didn’t know. How strange. So I didn’t know it was you, Elsie. I’m just glad you’re okay although so sorry you had to go through it. Hope all is right, now. You know to back up addresses often?

  9. Terje says:

    Disturbing experience. It’s great that your friends and credit card company people had common sense. I wish it was as easy as on a computer to press the delete button to erase the memory. Save just the pleasurable holiday scenes.

  10. Hello Elsie, so happy you are home safely. How wonderful to have a nice relaxing time with your son. Sounds like it was special, flowers and conversation……And then you were robbed in Madrid, Spain, and then you were trying to fly on Moroccan Air….. Happy your friends were wise, and your credit card company denied the charges.

    I think this calls for a HUGE bowl of strawberries!

  11. Ramona says:

    I’ve been there. Thank goodness for friends who alert us to unusual e-mails. Glad you had such a restful visit. Sorry for your nightmare.

  12. Love that the three weeks you were there were restful and relaxing. It probably gave you the energy you needed to deal with the hacking when you came home!

  13. Thankfully you made it home safely. 🙂 Your story has made me a little more cautious so when I got those two email messages supposedly from friends with just email links I immediately deleted them yesterday. Cyber awareness is a good lesson for me. Trust all will be well with no permanent harm.

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