Another Wander

Again, I was given another two hours to wander in the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. I set off in the opposite direction from last week. I quickly came across an area filled with plants that had not yet been planted.

This surprised me! This is the time of year you are putting in new plants? Later, I learned from my husband (who learned it from his class) these were plants being transferred in the garden. Currently the garden constructing a new entrance, so these will be relocated after the construction.

I wandered down the path and came across the children’s garden. The gate was open, so I went in to explore the entrance as the actual children’s garden was closed. Doesn’t this look like a mess?

I was intrigued by the sign proclaiming this a scent garden. I sniffed (through the mask) and smelled popcorn. I inhaled again and this time it was cilantro. This was prairie dropseed and the odor is most prominent in the fall. I couldn’t believe how potent it was smelling through my mask!

My attention was grabbed by this plant: American Beautyberry. I loved the gradation of of the berry colors. This section of the garden had the purple berry, but later I found the white berry in another section of the gardens.

The path led me to the Center for Home Gardening where tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers filled the beds along with a few other interesting plants, such as this one – Okra. I could not believe the size of the okra!

I would have loved to walk under the arbor filled with hanging gourds, but I suppose it was safer to view it from the side.

As I left the garden area, I entered the Japanese garden. It was time for a little zen.

Just imagine creating a gravel garden. Using a special rake to create designs and lines in the gravel. Peace descends . . .

as you move the rake slowly through the gravel.

But sometimes there is a problem . . .

someone (something) can’t read the sign and respect the request. Sigh!

Another sign is often posted. Can you figure out what some people may be inclined to do when they see these trees?

Please do not climb the tree. But isn’t it a tempting idea? Can’t you imagine sitting in the crook of the branch with a book? I can.

Are you surprised to find sprinklers attached to hoses in the gardens? I was! I thought they had an in ground watering system. But no, there were sprinklers and hoses everywhere. Who knew?

Time was running short and I had to revisit a spot from last week to note a change. This week I passed a plant that made me stop and look closely.

This is a balloon flower. This is the flower I saw in images when I googled balloon flower. I could not believe this flower came from the plant I saw the week before also labeled balloon flower.

Last week
This week

So my conclusion is . . . there are two plants with the same name. I suppose their technical names are different, because I can’t believe the authority that names plants would give the same name to two totally different plants.

The pruning class is over, so it will be a new season when I return to the gardens and it will look very different.

Don’t you have a story to share?


8 thoughts on “Another Wander

  1. Joyce says:

    I don’t know how I missed this delightful walk along. One of my favorite worlds. Thank you for including your interesting photos.

  2. crushlevine says:

    Oh, how I love going on walks with you and seeing through your eyes! The gourd cave does look inviting! I especially loved the zen garden. It brought to mind the book Things Seen from Above by Shelley Pearsall. You also snuck in some Sy-style botanical research here and there!

  3. I am happy to wander and ponder with you again this week. I felt as with we are journeying and noticing together. Someday I trust we will explore together again in person. Your wonder and attention to details enriches the way I observe things! 🙂

  4. Terje says:

    Beautyberry and balloonflower are words of the week. I enjoy walking through the Botanical Garden with the help of your writing and photos.

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