A Gift of Time

How often do you get the chance to wander or leisurely stroll or stop, sit and observe in a botanical garden? What a gift! My husband was taking a pruning class for two hours, so I was on my own to wander or leisurely stroll or stop, sit and observe. I enjoyed every minute. Come with me for a few of the sights.

In the butterfly garden I discovered this balloon plant. The green balls are the bud, so I wonder if I will see flowers next week. (Yes, I get to go back next week too. 🙂 Stay tuned!) Butterflies like to lay their eggs on this plant and the larva love to eat it.

I didn’t see many butterflies hovering around the blossoms but I did spot

this enormous bumblebee! I was tempted to pet his fuzzy body, but reason took over and I only watched it and many more visiting the flowers.

After a wander through the hosta section of the gardens, I spent most of my time with water lilies.

This is a mosaic water lily. I love the way the little diamond shaped leaves join together to create a round shape.

The Victoria Water Lily looks like floating platters. The underside is covered with an arrangement of veins or ribs. Air becomes trapped between the ribs which allows it to float.

Yes, that is Chihuly glass in the water lily garden. Note that all leaves are not green.
Statue and tree reflection in the water, plus a quick water bug.

As I sat by the water lily gardens, I noticed movement. Water bugs were playing tag on the still water. A dragonfly landed on a bud and rested. All of a sudden bubbles rise to the top, pause, then pop. Ripples appear from nowhere. I have the time to discover all the action happening on the surface of the water.

One last water lily view –

The tag said Lycoris, but this is not the plant google finds when searching. When I saw the leaf, top left, I though perhaps the very hungry caterpillar had visited.

What does this look like to you? Does it look like a plant you might see in the spring? This is an autumn crocus! I had no idea there was such a plant.

Next week I will explore another section of the gardens. Wonder what I will find. Here is one final picture –

I have a Chihuly crown!
Don’t you have a story to share?

13 thoughts on “A Gift of Time

  1. crushlevine says:

    A royal crown of gold! I love it! The water lilies called to mind my childhood discovery that they are both floating and attached ( and therefore not easily plucked off the top of the water). My favorite part, however, was the instinctual desire to pet the fuzzy bee!

    I am definitely intrigued by the pruning class. Botany was amongst my favorite college courses. I could be persuaded to follow a second career path in that field.

  2. This was a fabulous journey like always. I need to know where this is! I need to crawl inside and float upon a Victoria lily pad. Just magical. You always teach me something new and make me wonder.

  3. Annie Campbell says:

    Your writing was like whispered narration and is magical in combination with those very lovely photographs. Thanks for that beautiful trip.

  4. This was sheer delight! Strolling through the gardens with the queen as guide made my afternoon. I’ve always loved your pics and you outdid yourself with that last one! We had planned a walk in our botanical gardens with the grands, but our air quality nixed that visit. We’re hoping some moisture will clear things up soon.

  5. I loved the time I got to visit these beautiful gardens with you and Mike. I even have a picture of that Chihuly sculpture but not as a crown! That’s perfect for you and it made me smile! Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  6. Joyce says:

    What a nice walk through the garden…..I loved that!!!
    Botanical gardens are so inspiring and I always learn something interesting. I had never heard of the autumn crocus…..thank you for the information……Oh good queen of the beautiful Chihuly crown!!!

  7. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Thank you for the guided tour! I am anxious to see what will come from the green “ball” buds! And an autumn crocus?!?

    You are such the queen! 🙂 Love that picture!

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