Cat vs Snake

Someone announced, “There’s a snake outside.” We all rushed to the bay window to check this out.

Standing on the sidewalk was a tabby cat pacing near the long black snake. The snake filled the space between the sidewalk and grass, slithering slowly along. The cat approached meowing. (I’m sure she was saying, “Get off my property, you don’t belong here.”) The snake stopped sliding. It lay very still, waiting. The cat continued to advance and retreat. The snake had enough, it curled up. Its head waving back and forth as if to say, “Leave me alone!” It was a stand-off. Who would give way?

I went outside to call the cat. She came quickly with plaintive meows telling me of the intruder in her territory. I petted her until she calmed down and began purring. Her world had been rocked and she didn’t know what to make of it.

I went to check on the snake. It decided that along the sidewalk was not the safest place. It headed straight for a tall tree. Slowly it inched its way up, up, up until it disappeared from sight.

I can’t say who won that battle, but both parties were able to escape with their dignity.

Fascinating to watch this black snake make its way up into the branches of this tree.

Fascinating to watch this black snake make its way up into the branches of this tree.


23 thoughts on “Cat vs Snake

  1. Ramona says:

    Snakes, and spiders, what next? I had a student working after school today, and when I told him about your post, he said, “Skunks.” I hope not. Maybe slugs, but do you have those in Missouri? We have big ones in the Northwest!

  2. Your animal posts are the best, Elsie! My family always makes fun of me for wondering what animals are thinking — I’m glad I’m not the only one who imagines what’s going on inside their heads! I especially enjoyed the delicious adjectives in this post!

  3. Wow that is an amazing image. This reminds me of when I chaperoned a student trip to Costa Rica and a big snake fell out of a tree and landed near the one girl that was a bit timid in the wild! After that we were all a bit cautious.

  4. After I saw your picture of that snake…wow…huge…no wonder your cat was upset…but brave, too….and I bet glad you came along to encourage her to leave the snake. I have always liked snakes. They grow too large for their skins…and shed them….kind of like getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. Love that picture.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Even though I hate snakes, those black snakes are good to have around. Amazing cat and I’m sure he was relieved to be back in the house! Great slice.

  6. We once had a snake who decided to take up residence underneath and on a shrub outside our bay window. It drove the cats wild every time they looked out and saw it. The fact that the shrub was at the front of the driveway where we parked our cars meant we saw it quite often. Did I ever mention that I hate snakes?

  7. YIKES! That snake is black, black and long! If it were me I would have been screaming while my cat continued to hiss. Your cat is so good, coming when called. Our cat has standoffs with raccoons and doesn’t listen when we try to call him in.

  8. Wow-glad you got the picture, Elsie! Snakes can be scary, but black snakes are good to keep the rodents away! Don’t you wonder what your cat thought?

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