Some Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

With this quote in mind, I got up from my desk, put on my walking shoes, and stepped out into the sunshine for a l-o-n-g overdue walk. Of course it helped that the air outside was a balmy sixty degrees. Yes, sixty degrees can be balmy when you are at the end of January and the usual temperature is in the forties.

I hate to admit it but it’s been at least three months since I’ve taken a long walk. I do have valid excuses:

  • I was busy preparing material for work.
  • I didn’t have enough preparation time between days in schools.
  • It was cold.
  • It was rainy.
  • It was really windy and cold.
  • I was tired.
  • It was too dark outside.

Today it wasn’t dark or rainy or cold, but it was a little windy. I do have to prepare for work, but when I considered my One Little Word (balance), I knew I had to move. This word has been riding on my shoulder whispering in my ear, “How balanced was your day?”

Okay, you are right, not everything is balanced but I did better today than yesterday. Each day there is a small shift in the way I live. Slowly, the new ways will replace the bad habits of past.

Today I walked. Tomorrow I plan to walk, and the next day and . . .

Now, I need to walk with a notebook. I see something and immediately start thinking how can I bring this to life with my words? Then when I get home, I sit ready to write and the words have evaporated. My purse notebook will now be in my pocket when I set out, perhaps these words will not disappear, but they will become the fodder for my next Slice of Life.

March is approaching, and I wonder will I have something to say every day? I better keep moving to keep my balance.

10 thoughts on “Some Balance

  1. I too loved your quote. As I read your post I made self to text connections. My recent acquisition of a smart phone has let me explore a little more. I down loaded a journaling app. As I have found notes written on scraps of paper I have transferred it to my online journal. Now I can play with these fleeting thoughts later.

    I enjoyed your post. I bet you find lots to write about as you go for your walks.

  2. My favorite part of exercise is the freedom it gives my brain. When I get into the zone while I am running, when my body is on automatic, I can get so much thinking done. I need some sort of post-running journal plan.

    Love your reminder of your one little word and how it is nudging its way into your daily routines!

  3. Love your list of your reasons for not walking. I should have been out walking after school today too. It was the warmest January day in Michigan I can ever remember. I didn’t walk. I even drove my son to the gym and dropped him off. I could have gone with him but I didn’t. I think I need some of your balance in my life too. Great quote. πŸ™‚

  4. GREAT quotation! It’s going in my list of quotations. πŸ™‚ Your list of excuses sounds exactly like my list of excuses for not working out since school started even though we joined a gym this summer! I also really like the idea of walking with your notebook — let us know how that goes!

  5. I like the idea of walking with your notebook. I may have to try that, although I usually walk with Chloe and I’m not sure if she will let me stop to write! I also like how you brought your OLW into your life. It’s good to have it, isn’t it?

  6. grade4wizard says:

    Walking – I love it. But during the cold and dark winter I go out only on Sunny Sundays. I look forward to March – springy weather and writing, writing, writing.

  7. One good thing about cellphones – the camera. I can’t remember how many times I’ve captured a moment to record later inm my notebook – it’s the only way to hold onto those stray thoughts these days!

  8. You definitely need to grab a notebook and walk with it in hand. Stop and jot things that amaze you. Make a tiny thing that is seemingly nothing bigger. Enjoy!


  9. I am also wondering how I will balance everything when the slice of life challenge starts in March! I really am loving having a one little word this year. I’m glad to hear that you are keeping yours in mind too!

    –Jee Young

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