Some Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

With this quote in mind, I got up from my desk, put on my walking shoes, and stepped out into the sunshine for a l-o-n-g overdue walk. Of course it helped that the air outside was a balmy sixty degrees. Yes, sixty degrees can be balmy when you are at the end of January and the usual temperature is in the forties.

I hate to admit it but it’s been at least three months since I’ve taken a long walk. I do have valid excuses:

  • I was busy preparing material for work.
  • I didn’t have enough preparation time between days in schools.
  • It was cold.
  • It was rainy.
  • It was really windy and cold.
  • I was tired.
  • It was too dark outside.

Today it wasn’t dark or rainy or cold, but it was a little windy. I do have to prepare for work, but when I considered my One Little Word (balance), I knew I had to move. This word has been riding on my shoulder whispering in my ear, “How balanced was your day?”

Okay, you are right, not everything is balanced but I did better today than yesterday. Each day there is a small shift in the way I live. Slowly, the new ways will replace the bad habits of past.

Today I walked. Tomorrow I plan to walk, and the next day and . . .

Now, I need to walk with a notebook. I see something and immediately start thinking how can I bring this to life with my words? Then when I get home, I sit ready to write and the words have evaporated. My purse notebook will now be in my pocket when I set out, perhaps these words will not disappear, but they will become the fodder for my next Slice of Life.

March is approaching, and I wonder will I have something to say every day? I better keep moving to keep my balance.