One Little Word has intrigued me for several years as I’ve read about the words chosen by those who post on TWT and how it affects their lives. I’ve mentally played with the idea, but never could think of a word that seemed just right. Besides, I thought, how would this fit into my life? Now that I have been blogging for almost a year (this is #78, I can’t believe this!), I can see how to use that word to guide some of my writing and perhaps even my life.

I decided that my life has felt out of balance this fall. Too much of this and not enough of that. So I will strive to find a balance in my life for the next twelve months. I’ve made a list of some areas that need balance.


Leisure – Work

Reading for pleasure – Reading for professional reasons (although this can be a pleasure)

Exercise – Lazing about (or working)

Food Choices:

Healthy – Indulgent (translates to yum!)


Purchase – Save

Own (as in books) – Borrow (from the library)

Writing it down is the easy part. Now I must continue to hold this word in my life and live it. Each day I need to ask myself, “Are you living a balanced life?” It is up to me to be sure I can say, “Yes!”