Walking Two Ways

One Way

Phone in pocket,

Eyes scan horizon,

Birds chirp,

Check the time.

Slower steps to start, momentum grows,

Until . . .

A curious mind pauses,

What’s that?

What’s new?


Snap photo.


Check time, how long have I walked?

Reset body posture.

Moving along, photos preserve thoughts.

Check the time, long enough.

Back home, birds still chirping.

Another Way

Phone in pocket,

Earbuds in place,

Return a phone call.

Watch for fellow walkers

While listening and responding.

Unconsciously moving forward,

Up a hill,

Down a hill,

Around a bend.

Call ends.

I am home


What did I miss today?

Do you have a story to share?

8 thoughts on “Walking Two Ways

  1. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I am playing catch-up again today. Very interesting perspectives here. When I walk alone, I listen to music and “walk to the beat.” But when I walk with Megan, I do notice things more, and we stop more – usually for me to take a picture of something. I think I benefit from both!

  2. Elsie, your two ways are very familiar to me. These days, I try the first. Also, I enjoyed the cleverness of juxtaposing the two ways. Creative!

  3. Judy Curtiss says:

    I’m more with you on #1. I enjoy my time walking, but with a purpose. I think the second is almost an intrusion on my “me” time. Enjoy your walk whichever way you go!

  4. Both ways serve a purpose: the second would save time and get the exercise in. The first brings about stories and curiosities that are shared. I am now carrying a phone to take pictures while walking because of you. It enriches my life. Thank you!

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