One Tweet, One Word

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My words have been absent for six months. Is there a good reason? Not really. I just didn’t write. I didn’t look for those moments when life surprises you, entertains you, touches you.

My last slice was in June. Then life became a snowball, picking up speed and size rolling down a hill so fast I could hardly catch my breath. Writing/blogging was pushed aside. Then when I did catch my breath, it was easier not to write.

I mentally played with the idea of not ever writing again.  I thought about writing a final post and stepping away forever. But, something stopped me from doing that, yet.

Daily, I get an email from Twitter labeled Your Highlights. I always look at the highlights they send me, because I rarely go to their site and peruse through the multitude of tweets. So, I appreciate them sending me highlights. Yesterday, this was a tweet:

Just one word from a friend I’ve never met in person. Tomorrow. My response was – maybe. My mind played with the idea of creating a slice. What would it be? I started drafting in my head. Yes, I want to write about that. No, I don’t want to write about that. What would I write? This post is not what I mentally drafted. But, it will have to do for today.

I have another post playing in my mind, so I know I will be back. It felt good to but some words together again. Today, one word in a tweet sent me back to my computer. Thank you Terje!


30 thoughts on “One Tweet, One Word

  1. It’s wonderful to “see” you back. It’s as many of your friends have said, your writing and sense of humor are a welcome part of this community! 🙂

    And what a way to return! A tweet? I love it!

  2. Elana Waugh says:

    What great encouragement. I haven’t written in a month. I find that on Tuesdays the ideas are there, I write them in my head but then am too tired to type them up. Tonight I decided to change that.

  3. I love that your slice today was prompted by Terje’s Tweet. We all need encouragement, right? Your slice makes me think what power we have to make a positive difference for someone with just a few words or an invitation. I hope to see more of you!

  4. lindabaie says:

    Terje certainly is persuasive, and it is nice to read words from you again. Life does move on we all know, new groups, new things to do. It has been wonderful to travel with you in the past, so maybe a few times to catch up will be nice.

  5. Glad you are back. Like Tara, I miss your outlook on life and the humor in many of your posts. I, too, have been tempted to call it quits many times, but the pull of writing weekly keeps me coming back.

  6. Glad you are considering the “maybe” of writing, because, like Terje, I miss your voice and world view. I’m off FaceBook for good, and writing on my new blog (Going to Walden, that is) but not linking to the TWT site, which feels like a whole other community and different world to me these days. Looking forward to pictures of your trip and your writing to go with them.

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