Which Way?

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I confess, I may tend to have challenges when it comes to directions. Don’t tell me to go north, south, east, or west. Just tell me to turn left or right at Pizza Hut or the Dollar Tree.

I’m usually pretty good at following road signs, unless I am entering Indianapolis on Interstate 70, traveling east. I’m going to blame the signage rather than the driver.

I know I want 465N, I watch for 465N but there is no N. The sign says 465S, then another one appears with just 465. I stay the course looking for 465 N. As the two highways run parallel, I spot 465N now appears on the sign, but I can’t get to that road any longer. 😦

Oh good, it says 465N in fifteen miles. Slight relief washes over my body. I’d like to find an exit so I can consult my map (yes, it is a map that one folds), but this does not look like an area I want to be in by myself.

I have a decision to make: Columbus, Ohio or Chicago, Illinois. I choose Chicago, but now my highway is no longer 70 but instead I am on 65. Thoughts are tumbling around my mind like clothes in a dryer. I’m concerned that I might end up in a dangerous neighborhood since I don’t know this city.

Finally, I can exit to get gas and check my map. It looks like I’m close to finding 465N, so I get back on the road. Two miles later I find my highway, finally I am through the city and back on the right route.

One of these days, I will breeze through the city with no panic attacks. This was not the year. Maybe next year. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Which Way?

  1. I usually have a great sense of direction, but felt completely lost during my 5 days in New Orleans. There were few tall buildings to navigate by and the roads bend, following the path of the river. It was rather disconcerting.

  2. carwilc says:

    Like you, I am also directionally challenged on a fairly frequent basis. There are some routes I refuse to take because I know I will get lost! It’s a relief to know other people have these same kinds of issues!

  3. I used to drive to Washington DC regularly, but has moved away. Five years ago I was back, and assumed I’d remember how to get where I was going. Like you described, I was looking for signs that didn’t seem to exist, and I’d be on the wrong highway when I finally saw the sign I needed. Frustrating! The highway there is a huge maze. Glad you finally found your destination.

  4. You describe that panic feeling of not being sure where you are so well. I moved 2 years ago and REGULARLY find myself looking for a familiar street name or highway! I’ve had to pull over more times than I care to admit even with GPS trying to tell me where to go!!!

  5. Glad you got back on track. I know I have also driven around trying to find an exit I need. I have also seen places I needed to be but didn’t know how to get to there from where I was. Makes driving an adventure and the one thing that worries me about our upcoming road trip.

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