E-Bike Tryout

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It was a sunshine filled Saturday afternoon, it seemed like a perfect chance to check out the e-bike demonstration from our favorite bike shop.

We drove out into the countryside to a mountain bike park. I didn’t have any intention of riding. I like flat paved surface to ride on. None of that was evident at this park. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to see what an electric bike would be like.

I got my bearings on the bike by riding around the gravel parking lot. Oh, this is fun when the electric motor kicks in! I’m ready to try the trail. I thought I was ready to try the trail.

Immediately, I am to climb a steep hill. No problem, I will let the motor take over and I will help by pedaling a little. Wait! The ground is rutted and rocky. Rather quickly I come to a dead stop midway to the top. There is no way I can pedal uphill. The motor did not keep me going. I began to walk up the hill with the bike. That’s when the heat and humidity hit me.

I blinked to send the black spots before my eyes away. My head felt like it was caught in a spinning whirlpool. I couldn’t press on. I laid the bike down and collapsed next to it, trying to catch my breath. Slowly I sat up to let my vision clear.

Once my breathing returned to normal, I began the climb to the top of the hill where I could wait in the shade for my husband. I had sent him on down the path, promising I wouldn’t move. When he returned, I s-l-o-w-l-y made my way down the hillside avoiding the ruts and rocks as best I could.

This experience only confirmed my belief: mountain biking is NOT for me! I loved the e-bike, but they are a bit pricey right now. Hopefully, they will come down in price as I get older and have more need for an electric assist.

This was taken moments before my issue. The scenery is beautiful. Can you see the rocks? This makes it look like the road was smooth, it wasn’t. There are gullies in the road.


14 thoughts on “E-Bike Tryout

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    Scary experience. I don’t take heat well, especially when exercising. Thank goodness you knew enough to “collapse” next to your rented bike! Glad things all worked out for you.

  2. mandyrobek says:

    Sometimes we have to try things to really know they aren’t for us. I definitely think an e bike would be tricky to ride – I bet it felt a bit unnatural. I’m with you for flat surfaces. My husband bought a “fancy” road riding bike and thinks I need one too. I like my suburban neighborhood roads or a path – I don’t feel a need to ride on busy roads and this story is going to help me stick to my thoughts.

  3. Elsie, I think you are so brave to try this out! I am not coordinated enough to manage anything like this. I like smooth and flat, too. Oh, I held my breath while I was reading your piece. So very glad everything worked out just fine. I think I will stick with walking for now!

  4. I can definitely relate to this, having attempted a bike ride down Pike’s Peak a few years ago. In that case we luckily didn’t have to ride up, but the downhill part just about did me in (after I could breathe again). Now I just ride on flat surfaces. Glad everything turned out OK!

  5. Congratulations on being adventurous. I have never tried mountain biking but I know it is not for me. Give be a vehicle with four wheels and air conditioning.

  6. Kudos to you for being so brave! Your story reminded me of my attempts at learning to ski in my twenties. I would become terrified of the height, and be stuck midway. Once I even took my skis off and walked down the slope! Glad you erred on the side of caution: falling is not recommended at our age. Perhaps just a normal bike on a gently sloping road might be a good substitute? Sounds like it might be a good idea to build some stamina. The scenery is fantastic!

  7. I suppose stretching outside one’s comfort zone may sometimes involve physical discomfort, but your slice sounds scary. I’m glad the story ended happily. While the e-bike assist does sound intriguing, my understanding is that those bikes can be heavy tanks. I don’t envy you having to push it up a hill!

  8. lindabaie says:

    I don’t know anything about these new bikes, but I’m glad you’re okay, perhaps just stick to your regular cycling! I think that’s awesome!

  9. I would have thought the same thing! When the going gets tough, the power would kick in. A painful lesson here. I’m glad you got down safely! And next time, perhaps gentle hills.

  10. Hills kill my riding fantasy so bravo for your effort to try. Those electric bikes and popular and dangerous in Israel for the pedestrians. Love the paved, straightaways….

  11. I’m with you — flat and smooth roads are what I want to bike on. What a scary experience to be caught up a hill and not feeling well. I am glad it all turned out okay. Yikes!

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