Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

“What’s under your vanity?” my husband inquires.

I am totally clueless. There’s nothing under my vanity but the bathroom rug. I get up to investigate. The room has been stripped of the rugs, only beige tile can be seen, except for the dark spot under the vanity, close to the shower door. I kneel down to get a closer look.


How in the world did that creature get in here? My husband goes to get a cup to scoop it, I go to get my phone for a photo.

Once I have a photo, I use a paper plate to nudge it into the cup. It doesn’t move. It is stuck to the floor. Ewww! I cannot dislodge this critter from my floor with the paper and plastic tools I had planned to use to capture it. A razor blade is needed to pry the dried out body from the tile floor.

Now we are left with a mystery. How did it get in? When did it get in? This bathroom floor is cleaned every week. The rugs are never left outside or set on the ground. To say we are bumfuzzled is an understatement.

27 thoughts on “Bumfuzzled!

  1. tamtomatoe says:

    Frogs are innovative, I must say. The bathroom was a good place for him but not! This time of year they’re looking for refuge. I have a small bench with a lid this summer and left the lid partly open by mistake the first time. I found that 2 frogs slept there over night. Finally only one stayed. I had to open the lid all the way to make sure the last frog found a new home for the winter. The grandkids loved to check on them when they were here. Too bad about your guy. Love frogs!!! Yes, why didn’t I capture that moment in writing???!!!

  2. Judy C. says:

    Well, all creatures need a final resting place, but how did he chose it? Hmmmm. We’ve had the little tree frogs jump in when opening and closing the doors, but not in the bathroom.

  3. oh the stories you can tell! It would have been a good sample for a science classroom. I do wonder how long it had been there. I know that feeling of ” I know I cleaned this bathroom every week!” Will you write us a story?

  4. Eek! We found a frog under our couch this weekend, but ours was still alive. Yours would have freaked me out. And you needed a razor blade? Eeuuww! Or maybe you were special to him and he chose you as his final resting place. πŸ˜‰

  5. Wow. That frog (?) is really ugly! I’m hoping it was there for a long time which is why it was stuck to the floor. A genuine mystery. Let us know if you ever figure it out. It looks huge but I know the picture was magnified. How big was it? Yuck!

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