Thump, Thud

Darkness surrounds me, my body snuggles a bit deeper into the mattress, as I pull the covers a little closer. Sounds from the kitchen tell me my husband is up and preparing for his day of work. I’m not working today, which allows me the luxury of drifting in and out of sleep for a bit longer.

Just as I begin the slide back into the dreaming world, there is a thud followed by a thump. Instantly, my eyes pop open to determine what had so rudely brought me to a conscious state. My husband rushes into the room, worried that I have fallen, his words escaping before his eyes take in the scene, “Are you all right?” he queries with concern.

In the dim light of the early morning, I notice the closet door, previously closed, now ajar. The overhead light reveals a vase that had been standing on the floor of the closet decided to recline rather than remain upright. As it fell over, a domino effect was in play. The vase hit the closet door causing a thump as it pushed the door open, which was followed by a thud when landing on the floor.

Sleep is no longer an option. It is time to greet the day. The offending vase is now placed upon a shelf, hopefully a more stable footing, so there will be no repeat of the morning thump, thud.



27 thoughts on “Thump, Thud

  1. Such rich sensory descriptions here, Elsie. This is beautiful writing.

    What isn’t beautiful is having one’s sleep interrupted. I don’t like being awoken too early in the morning — whether it’s by chirping birds, falling vases, too-loud train whistles, etc.

  2. Onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration–this little slice is filled with poetic devices. I am not sure whether the playful language or the story itself tickles me more. You both seemed to wonder about the other, when it turned out the vase was the culprit. Mystery solved!

  3. Mandy Robek says:

    I love those two words together – thump, thud. I kept reading to find out just what happened, I was afraid maybe your bed broke with you in it or it came off of the frame. Glad the thump thud was an easy fix.

  4. A morning thump, thud domino effect – no fun for you. Reading your dreamy, yet animated post – fun for us! Thank you and I hope your day only got better.

  5. Judy C. says:

    So much for those sweet dreams and an extra few winks. The vase (or something) must have other plans for your day! Those thumps and thuds in the middle of sleep really arouse us quickly. Glad hubby was there to check on you.

  6. Lynn says:

    Glad it was only a vase! Being startled out of a deep sleep is not the best way to start the day! Hope you enjoy the “longer” day off 🙂

  7. I love how your husband came to your rescue! How did that vase fall over? Just reached the tipping point? The “offending vase ..decided to recline.” Guess that’s my answer.

  8. At my house, I’m sure a cat would have been involved in that “thump, thud”! Great way to place us right in the mysterious morning moment with you.

  9. Tam says:

    A morning of “thump, thud.” Wonder what other mornings will have a name. You should have a column somewhere in a publicized newsletter, paper, magazine. Am I old fashioned? I can imagine waking up every morning reading your column for a kick start!

  10. I hate it when I have plans of staying in bed longer than I get to. Wasn’t it sweet of your hubby to come rushing to your aid like a white knight ready to slay the dragon who awoke his princess? I like the mystery and suspense you built in your piece. It made for a fun read!

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