Dewy Morning

The sun rises to reveal the diamonds left in the night.

They glitter. They glint. They glisten as I continue on my walk. With each step, I marvel at the sparkle.

I look closely.

Dew drops of all sizes rest on the petals.

Grass is a slip and slide for each droplet.

Dew is formed when the object is cooler than the air around it. Lately, there has been no dew when I walk. The nights just don’t cool off enough to create the conditions for dew to form. Dew cools the plant down in much the same way that evaporating sweat cools your body on a hot day. I bet the plants around me are wishing for dewy mornings. I know I am.

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6 thoughts on “Dewy Morning

  1. Terje says:

    The sparkle of dew diamonds – so beautiful. There are people who walk through the wet grass and complain, there are people who stop an notice the beauty. The ones who stop will smile. I am thankful that you stopped, took photos and wrote. Now I smile too.

  2. Julie says:

    What gorgeous pictures and beautiful attention to detail. I had never thought to look for dew in this way before.

  3. Nothing’s better than a bit of poetic whimsy (grass slip and slides!) and a walk with you on this dewy morning! Thanks for bringing us along by sharing your pics and observations.

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