Day 19: Liquids Only for Today

How did ten years speed by so fast? Medical procedures can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes it’s the actual procedure, but sometimes it’s the preparation for such procedure. All those who are fifty and older will recognize the preparation for my procedure.

  • Stop eating anything with seeds five days prior to your procedure.
  • Day before procedure liquid diet only.
  • Nothing red or purple can be consumed on the liquid day.
  • No dairy products allowed.
  • Prepare your gallon jug from the pharmacy in the morning and place in the refrigerator.
  • Begin drinking from this jug at 5:00 p.m.
  • Drink half of the jug in 6-8 ounce increments every 15 minutes.
  • Four hours before procedure, drink the rest of the jug, but must be finished two hours prior to appointment.

I have my blue jello ready (I asked if blue was okay). I have white peach grape juice chilling. Popsicles are in the freezer.  Tea and chicken broth will be my main course of the day. Dessert will be cherry limeade sparkling water. I even have a choice of flavors for my evening jug, I think it will be cherry, minus the limeade. What a day of flavorful treats!

Tomorrow I will have to cash in my invitation to Leigh Anne Eck’s Favorite Things party. My appointment is 8:20 and I remember sleeping a lot after the procedure ten years ago. Hopefully I will return with a good report Wednesday.

Enjoy chewing your food today. 🙂


Day 18: Eat Fit Go

It was lunch time. I had wandered, sampled my way through the new grocery store. I needed to pick up something for lunch. I didn’t feel like fighting the crowds to find a tasty morsel in the new store, but I had an idea of where to go.

I love to try out new restaurants. A new place opened recently that I had not yet visited. It’s not really a restaurant but it has food that you can eat there or take home. It is called Eat Fit Go. Their brochure says, Eat Well, Stay Fit, on the Go.

I walked into the store/restaurant (?) to face a  wall of refrigerated containers. Thankfully there was a young lady ready to explain what I was looking at. She handed me a brochure that listed all the ingredients in their meals. Everything is already cooked, it only has to be warmed in the microwave.

I studied the labels and menu before I selected a Fajita Smart Chicken bowl for my husband and Citrus Salmon with asparagus for me. They were quite good.

It’s a nice healthy option for my husband if I would be out of town for a night or two or when I don’t feel like cooking. It’s kind of nice to let someone else do the preparation and all I have to do is heat and eat.

A wall of prepared meals and snacks


Day 17: Chance Encounter

“I think I know you,” said the elderly lady pushing the grocery cart. I stopped, checked to make sure she was addressing me, before I studied this woman.

Could it be her I wondered. I think it is. “Mrs. Rummel?” I questioned. A welcoming smile told me I was right. This was my high school home economics teacher.

I was in her class forty-six years ago. I have changed quite a bit from those high school days, particularly my hair color. She did not recognize me from those days. I met up with her about twenty years ago because her granddaughter was a fifth grader at the school I taught at and her daughter-in-law also taught there. She recognized me there and remembered my brother played basket ball with her son.

She quickly caught me up on her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. The granddaughter is a teacher too, and she has two children. Hard to believe so much time has passed!

Seeing her sent me back to my high school days and right in her class. I remembered on the first day of class, she asked, “What do you want to get from this class?”

My response, “I want to learn how to cook without a recipe, like my mother does.”

She said, “That only comes with lots of time in the kitchen.”

I can’t say I accomplished my goal in that class, but over time I do have a few items I can make without a recipe. I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the past forty years. However, a recipe is always nice to have at hand.

Day 16: It’s Open!

TV news reporters, headline article in the newspaper, the town’s a-buzz over the new grocery store opening. The signage on the outside promises “Good Food for All.” Of course, I had to be a part of this excitement. Don’t you just love wandering a grocery store when you don’t have to collect the weekly groceries?

They opened at 6 a. m. but I waited until about 10:45 to make my way over. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed every spot was filled and there were cars roaming the lanes looking for a spot. Was that a spot on the side? Darn, someone pulled in front of me to claim it. Now it was serious business, it’s just like the challenge of Christmas mall parking. Follow the people to their car and wait to claim your spot. Just as I was rounding the corner, a man got into his car to leave. Victory for me in the parking lot!

I really intended just to roam about, no cart needed, but right at the door they had fresh pineapple for $.99. How can I resist? Another score for me because there was a mini-cart available. What other treats could I find?

I meandered through the store noting that their prices weren’t especially great. In the wine section I found the Merlot we like on sale. This store has a bar and tap room tucked into a corner.

Other unique features found here:

  • a juice bar as you enter the store
  • a Starbucks (not so uncommon anymore)
  • a chop shop (they will chop your vegetables or fruit for you, $3 for five minutes of chopping)
  • an extensive bakery section (of course they had samples of several breads for patrons to try)
  • a brick oven pizza where you can buy a slice or whole pizza
  • a chocolate shop (they make the candy there, I may have enjoyed a couple of samples)
  • huge meat and seafood counter
  • a cheese area (sampled an expresso coated cheese, quite tasty)
  • a section of ready prepared food or boxes with ingredients assembled for you to prepare

I’m sure there are more sections that I will discover when I return another day. Hopefully there will be fewer people and more parking. New grocery stores don’t open up every day, so you have to seize the moment when one comes along.

Wine area, boxed meals to prepare, produce section, bakery



Day 15: Thirty Minutes

Can you really run into the grocery store and be out in less than thirty minutes? Rarely does that happen to me.

What about reading? Just let me read thirty minutes. What? My time is up, are you sure it wasn’t just ten minutes?

The recipe says thirty minute prep time. As I’ve stated before, that never works for me. Sorry dinner will be a little later tonight.

Thirty minutes evaporates whenever you are totally engaged, but I have found one activity where thirty minutes feels endless, time crawls.

Knees go up, knees go down, around and around, faster, slower, never stopping.

Every day I face thirty minutes with resignation as I climb on my bike connected to a trainer in the garage to begin nonstop pedaling. A TV on the workbench tries to distract me from the inching of time. Pedal, pedal. I pick up my phone looking for distraction. Pedal, pedal. I can read email, three minutes pass. Pedal, pedal. What else can I do with my phone? Pedal, pedal. I’m limited because I seem to move too much. My finger hits the wrong thing if I try to play Solitaire or Word Warp. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Finally, the timer sounds! The pedaling slows. I’m sweating, breathing heavily as I gingerly climb off the bike. Thirty minutes completed! Until tomorrow . . . when the pedaling begins again.

Day 14: Save the World!

What did you think when you read my title? Perhaps you’ve read articles on how to save the world. Perhaps you are doing your part by recycling whenever possible. Perhaps you are reducing your carbon footprint by driving a ecologically clean car.

Here are a few ideas I discovered when I googled how to save the world. Reader’s Digest has an article titled 5 Crazy Ideas that Might Save the Planet. These ideas are a bit crazy, but there is some scientific reasoning behind each one.

  1. Give the earth some shade
  2. Wrap Greenland in a blanket
  3. Feed pollution to the algae
  4. Float New York on the water
  5. Get plankton to the ocean’s surface

Popular Science has 10 Audacious Ideas to Save the Planet. Forbes published an article that lists 20 ways to save the world. My google search found about 138,000,000 results (0.76 seconds) for how to save the world.

This whole search for ideas to save the world came about because of a sign I saw the other day as I was leaving a movie theater.


Really?! Isn’t that overstating it just a bit? Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s all it takes to save the world? Sigh . .  .

Day 13: Is There Hope?

Weather report prediction: snow with morning temperatures at seventeen degrees.

My heart sank like the Titanic. The peach tree in my backyard was in full bloom. Seventeen degrees spelled certain death to every blossom and future peach.

The tree before the predicted snow and temperature drop.

Not again, I thought. Several years ago, the tree did not bear one fruit. It never even had the opportunity that year to produce a blossom. The cold froze the buds just as they were forming.

Last year, my husband and I draped the tree with sheets to protect the buds. That would not be possible this year. The tree was simply too tall.

All day I waited for the snow to begin. It didn’t. Maybe, the temperature won’t drop tonight. I went to bed with that flicker of hope. At first daylight, I checked the tree. The blossoms were still there. I waited until it warmed up to see if they would continue to hang on. They did! I went out for a closer look. Pink blossoms littered the ground.

Those peaches died an early death.

Wait! Look up!

Hardy blossoms weathered the cold night. Branches continue to sport their finest pink jewels. Thankfully the temperatures only dipped down to thirty degrees during the night. One cold snapped weathered, but more are predicted all week long. Will these blossoms hang on or will they all be littering the ground by the weekend?