Before the world closed down, I spent several days exploring and enjoying the sights and tastes of Paris as an extension to a river cruise. The memories of that trip linger in my heart and mind.

But they are not the Paris I refer to in the title. This is the image and scent I am thinking about today.

For years I have used this lotion! Recently I learn that Bath & Body Works has retired this scent! 😦 My tube was on its last squeeze and I happened upon an outlet store in Kentucky, so I thought I’d run in a get a new tube. That is when I discovered there was no Paris Amour!

Finding a new scent at Bath & Body Works is difficult in good times, but wearing a mask renders this task nearly impossible! There were lots of sample bottles of the new summer scents available, but which one is right for me? Fortunately, I was the only customer in the store. My husband was waiting outside, so I needed to be quick. I would take the scent testing paper, dab a bit of lotion on it, and sniff while holding my mask open. After a half dozen sniffs, I could no longer differentiate between scents. Not wanting to commit to a full 8 ounce tube, I opted for the smaller 2.5 ounce container of Sunshine Mimosa. Perhaps this will become my new favorite, but it won’t bring me memories of Paris every time I reach for a dab of lotion.

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