Small Reunion

I started to reach for a book to read, then I thought of the SOS invitation today

What can you stop doing in order to make time and space to write?

Go stop it.


So I walked away from my book stack, opened my computer to write.

The pandemic has caused a lengthy separation in our family. Some of that ended this week. All parties (some in their 60’s, 80’s, and 90’s) were finally vaccinated. It was good to see the whole person, rather than just a head via zoom. It was good to put arms around a body and hug rather than wave farewell via zoom. It was good to have face-to-face conversations rather than garbled sound via zooms with unstable connections.

A year of family togetherness has been lost. Time is precious and we need to take advantage of every opportunity to be reunited. I know we will make the nine hour drive to be together again and again.