The Call

My cell phone is sitting on my desk when the call comes in. I look to see who it is. Not a number I know. I pause before I reach out to hit the decline button. With lightning speed my mind says, “Answer it. It might be the call you’ve been waiting for.” Then the other part of my mind says, ” It’s a robo-call. Don’t answer. If it’s important they will leave a message.” Back and forth the thoughts fly.

I take a chance, “Hello?”

“Hello, this is (I don’t remember his name) from Wal-mart Pharmacy.” YES! It is the call I’ve been waiting for. My pulse quickens as I hope he says the magic words. “You are scheduled for your second COVID vaccine on March 17. Will that be alright?”

Will that be alright? “Absolutely!” I reply. Relief floods through every cell in my body. I’m set for the second shot! Hope begins to flicker on the horizon.

Life won’t change a lot. I will still wear a mask. I will still distance myself in public. I will still use more hand sanitizer than I used a year ago. I won’t be dining in restaurants until Dr. Fauci gives the okay. I will feel more comfortable being with friends who are also fully vaccinated. April 1 is two weeks after March 17, it won’t be a Fool’s Day for me.

13 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Yay! Such great news. I was nervous with that title. Ominous! 2nd vaccine shot is a nice surprise. I talked to my mom on the phone for a while today, as she’s still not eligible to get one, and she was telling me about all her friends that have and how they act like they’re invincible now. A good feeling to feel after all this but NOT invincible yet. I’m glad to see your sentiments reflected. Gotta hold steady a little while long in all this.

  2. That’s awesome, Elsie! I got my first vaccination 2 weeks ago. My husband and sons, just yesterday. We’re celebrating but still wisely, for a while. So glad you got the call.

  3. That’s such great news! I am glad you took the call. I think that it is wild to think about how excited about our vacciations!

    I get my second at the end of the month.

  4. Terje says:

    I just read Ramona’s post after she got her second vaccination and met with some friends after a long time. March 17 is just around the corner. The anticipation is sweet too.

  5. Soooo happy for you and that wonderful call. I will get my 2nd on Saturday. Relief can’t begin to explain that kind of joy. So glad to follow Fauchi and the experts… I’m so grateful for the wisdom of researchers around all of this. Glad you will be safe. XO

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