Why is it so hard to remember where you park the car at a grocery store? I never used to have this issue. In my younger days I knew exactly where I’d left the car. Slowly, I began to realize I needed to scan the lot for my car. So I came up with a plan, park in the same area every time. Now, I can head in the right direction and spot the car easily.

That works when you are at your normal stores, but what happens when you stop at a store where you don’t have a usual area?

I walked out the same door I had entered ten minutes earlier. My mind was still reeling from the scene in the grocery store. Police officers were trying to restrain a woman who was howling, “Don’t hurt me! I said I was sorry. Don’t hurt me!” They were off to the side, so you couldn’t see, but the sound was piercing and continuous.

I spotted my red car and walked up to it. I noticed it looked like the tail lights were on. I reasoned it must be the angle of the sun hitting the lights that made it look like they were on. I reached for the automatic tailgate button. Slowly, the tailgate rose, but it did not reveal my collapsible crate , but instead a walker! What?! There was a woman sitting in the passenger seat! This was not my car! Quickly I apologized and pressed the button to close the tailgate.

I walked around to the passenger door and profusely apologized to the laughing woman. She had assumed it was her husband opening the tailgate with their groceries. My car was on the row in front of hers and two parking places down.

I’m going to need a better plan for finding my car in grocery parking lots.


12 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. So funny…I’ve done this too. I loved that you saw the walker. That is hysterical, I know I would have probably said to myself, I don’t remember buying this walker ! LOL XO

  2. Melissa Quimby says:

    A laughable oops (though startling at first)! Thanks for the chuckle. I suppose I am still in my “younger days,” and I still manage to lose my car at times πŸ™‚

  3. Yikes! Did your keys really open her trunk, or did she see you and open it from inside since she thought you were her husband?!

    I always love your sensory details. I felt like I was right beside you as you looked at the car’s lights!

    You are so good at making us laugh, even about mishaps, elsie!

    • No, key fob didn’t open her tailgate. If the car is unlocked or you have a keyless fob in your possession, there is a button on the tailgate that will open it. So her car was unlocked since she was sitting in it.

  4. Oh wow! So embarrassing! I can’t believe your clicker opened her door though…that’s a bit scary. Glad everyone was able to laugh it off. πŸ™‚
    Glad you’re back!

  5. Joyce says:

    I had no idea you could open another tail gate w/your own keys or fob. That worries me more than not finding your car.
    I always honk the horn from my fob.

    • My car is keyless so the fob only has to be in my possession to unlock it. My fob did not open the tailgate. If the car is unlocked, you can open the back by a little button. Don’t worry about another person being able to open your car.

  6. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Oops…I have started parking in the same place too. But, yes, that does create a problem when someplace new. I was recently on the receiving end of someone mistaking my car for theirs. Scared me to death until I realized what was happening.

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