What a week! Temperatures breaking records set decades ago. Warnings of power outages due to too much usage. Utility companies begging residents to limit electric and gas usage.

I have unplugged every nonessential electrical item. I am hand washing my dishes (the dishwasher is a great drying rack). There is no fire warming the hearth room (it’s gas). The hot water heater and thermostat has been turned down (I cover up with a weighted blanket). I wait, wondering if this is the day our neighborhood loses power. So far, we have been lucky. I am still holding my breath as temperatures slowly inch up.

The snow starts. It stops. It starts again. This cycle is repeated every day this week. Today is different, the sun is out allowing me to marvel at the shadows and sparkles.

A mound of sugar crystals on the boxwoods?
Shadows play in the yard.
Footprints from a visitor
A few steps are enough, time to take flight.


13 thoughts on “Brrrrr!

  1. I love the pristine beauty of snow, Elsie, and the descending hush of new snowfall. Your lovely photo gallery captures these. It surely brings troubles as well – but somehow I find those little tracks heartening! I hope your electricity stays on, and that the thaw of spring is near.

  2. Your pictures mirror my surroundings. We’ve had a few massive snow storms, but count ourselves lucky in comparison to all those really suffering in other parts of the country.

  3. Ahhh…your snow decorations I love so much. I’m sorry, I would ache without a fire. What a fine idea about the dishwasher being a drying rack! Hopefully, we will all be delighting again soon. XO

  4. Terje says:

    Winter can be beautiful with its crystals and sparkle. When it shows its mean side it can be life-threateningly dangerous. Fingers crossed that the worst has passed.

  5. margaretsmn says:

    We are out of school. We have power and water, but the water pressure is low and there’s a boil water advisory. I am enjoying the quiet time. We don’t have the beauty of snow, though. Just cold and ice. I love your pictures capturing the snow and sun.

  6. Love the wonder and magic in this post. The shadows playing on the snow. Keep sharing pics. Our snow is almost completely gone. We were lucky that we did not have extreme temperatures with it. I have family in OK and TX who have experienced rolling blackouts, but my niece’s power has been off for several days now.

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