This box is at least 43 years old. The rubber band is not. 🙂

Inside this box are these tins.

My mother gave me these tins, in this box, the first Christmas I was married. I have used them every year for the last 43 years to make

sandbakkels, a Norwegian sugar cookie. I have written about them several times over the past nine years (link to a post). They are the one cookie that is made no matter what or where I am. I have been known to pack my tins when we go visit my son for Christmas.

They only have five ingredients. It is a simple batter. A batch does not take long to stir up (if your butter is at room temperature). Of course, the pressing the batter into the tins is time consuming. I divide the tins into three piles. That way one set is baking, one set is cooling, and the third set is getting the dough pressed in. Sometimes I feel like I am juggling, but the reward is the sweet buttery taste that is Christmas.

This weekend I will make my cookies. Wish I could share them with you. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Cookies

  1. O how I love the wrapping paper on the box, O I love the golden deliciousness…I can taste them in my mouth. I’m going to look at the recipe next… then Amazon to see if I can find the tins. Then I will try, buy more tins and send them to my girls. We are Swedish, but Norway counts too. LOL

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