Caramel Apples

My fingers fumbled to get those plastic wrappers off the caramel block. I searched for the folded end to strip that cellophane from that nugget of sweetness. Clunk! Another one drops into the saucepan. Soon they are all unwrapped and I am left with a pile of wrappers which I stuff into their original bag as they flip and float around me. I proudly deliver the saucepan to my mother so she can melt them into gooey caramelness.

The apples are washed and each standing tall sporting a flat wooden stick where the stem used to be. Wax paper is waiting to receive the apple draped in caramel. I am waiting for the caramel to harden just enough.

That first bite is tricky. I have to use both hands. One hand holds on to the stick. A finger from the other hand pushes the apple against my teeth so I can get caramel and apple in the bite. If I don’t push hard enough, my teeth only scrape the caramel. Once the apple skin is broken, the rest of the treat can be handled with one hand.

Years later at a craft fair, I discovered apple slices drizzled with warm caramel. Yum! That is now my preferred way of having this fall treat. Of course I rarely get this treat these days. Unfortunately, my husband does not care for caramel. I have been known to buy a container of caramel sauce. You might be surprised to find out how long that sauce can last in the refrigerator. 🙂

Are you hungry now? I am!

What’s your story?