Not What I Planned

Each day has its own rhythm during this time of quarantine and social distancing. My activity is often dictated by what day it is.

Tuesdays are the day I go to Sam’s Club to restock my fruits and vegetable supplies because that is one of their senior days. Usually, I do my walk, sip my coffee, check email, and watch the first half hour of the Today Show. I wear yesterday’s clothes to make this quick run to the store.

I arrive at the store about 8:00 and I am out in less than thirty minutes. It’s not crowded so I can move through quickly gathering the items from my list.

After returning home and storing the items, I select clean clothes to put on after my shower. The clothes worn to the store are placed in the laundry basket. Life moves on in this simple rhythm until . . .

I turn on the shower and the handle breaks off. This handle was turned all the way to the left to bring the hot water quickly. I knew I only had a short time before the water would become scalding. Quickly, I shoved it back on and turned. That did nothing. I tried again and again, with the same result. Panic began to set in. I did not know how to turn off the water to the shower! I tried to adjust the shower head, so I could escape the shower. (The shower head is aimed directly at the door.) I got out as fast as I could.

Unfortunately, my husband was out on a bike ride, but I needed help immediately! Fortunately, my cell phone was on the vanity because it had been in my shorts. I called our neighbor (probably sounding like a maniac) begging for help in shutting off the water line.

Quickly I threw on some clothes and met him out at the water meter in the yard. He was able to shut off our water. Thank goodness!

My husband, dripping in sweat, found us in the bathroom trying to figure out what happened and how to make the repair. As we problem solved, we determined we needed a plumber. Thankfully, we have a heat, air, plumbing company that we consistently use and they assured us help would be coming. Within a half hour the owner of the company came because all his men were in the middle of jobs. He would give us a temporary fix. Relief!

Unfortunately, the temporary fix lasted about fifteen minutes and we had to turn the water off again. Fortunately, the plumber called within the hour and had our shower head and handle repaired in no time.

By 1:00 life was back to the quiet rhythm of a usual Tuesday.

Don’t you have a story to share?

10 thoughts on “Not What I Planned

  1. Hahaha (well, it was funny to me, probably not to you!), I could just picture this whole scene, elsie! (As always, with your vivid writing!) Good thing you were able to get help quickly!

  2. We never know when we start a day what it will bring! I’m just glad you had your problem solved for the second time in a matter of hours. We’re not always so lucky. Thank goodness for neighbors and good repairmen.

  3. Oh my gosh! I hear ya. Routine and then bang, no routine. For me it was my dryer breaking — it’s probably 30 years old, it’s time — but still, it threw a monkey wrench in things. So did the fact that the new one didn’t fit down the stairs! And that the knobs on the water going into the washer didn’t turn anymore! EEEEK!!! Thank goodness, for my brother and a good friend who knew how to weld and fix things!

    So glad your nice quiet routine could be restored.

  4. Terje says:

    Your fortunately-unfortunately pattern made me keep my breath. I am glad you didn’t get hurt. It’s better to go sweaty than burnt. Cheers to the plumbers!

  5. Judy Curtiss says:

    Well, so much for that leisurely day that started so well. Glad that you were able to get out of the shower quickly and get a plumber to do the job in a timely fashion.

  6. No one captures the drama of daily life like you do! Oh my…the unfolding details left me in suspense. Flying solo does give some advantages, I guess, because I know how to turn off the water to my house! 😆

  7. Joyce says:

    Oh my lands!!! I thought I was going to hyperventilate just reading your detailed experience.
    Yikes!!!! Praises for good relationships w/our repair people!

  8. Julie says:

    What a day! These kinds of things seem to happen when you are just relaxing into your routine. When that handle broke, I was in a panic right along with you. I’m glad you were able to get it all fixed quickly!

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