What Lurks in the Dawn

5:30 a.m.

It’s predawn as I begin my stroll down the driveway, looking ahead for water hazards (a.k.a. automatic sprinklers) when I spot movement in the dim light. Something, no wait two somethings emerge from the culvert drain.

The culvert on the right is where they emerged. They hustled over to the culvert on the left.

Could that be a pair of cats? I have often seen cats disappear and reappear through this opening to the street. No, they don’t move like cats. They are small like cats, but cats have a lithesome quality. These critters waddle as they scurry from one culvert to the one on the opposite side of the street.

My steps slow as I cautiously draw closer to this pair. I remember the skunk family that waddled down our street years ago. I do not want to alarm these critters if they are skunks. I keep my distance, but have my phone ready for a snapshot.

Click, click, no that’s no good. The phone camera doesn’t like the dark. The images are blurry. I find the flash button. Click, click, their image is captured but their eyes reflect in the light so they have a possessed look.

Two teenager raccoons checking out the neighborhood before returning home to sleep the day away.

I wonder what other creatures lurk in the neighborhood.

Do you have a story to share?

10 thoughts on “What Lurks in the Dawn

  1. crushlevine says:

    Those rascal raccoons! When I saw the picture of the culverts, I thought you probably hadn’t been able to capture the critters fast enough. What a delight to see those shining raccoon eyes! I have had a few raccoon encounters myself. I am glad yours was pleasant. Otherwise I would have had to shake a fist or two!

  2. Judy Curtiss says:

    Ahh those “things” that lurk in the wee hours of the morning. Love your post. You always have some interesting walks.

  3. You are always so attentive on your walks, looking and finding an interesting tale. I like that your phone camera could only capture this pair with an ominous green glow in their eyes. That only feeds my imagination as to what they are up to.

  4. Julie says:

    That’s so fun! My son loves raccoons–he would have loved to be on this early-morning walk to see this treasure!

  5. Coons! I am so glad they were not rodents. I would have had to censor this post if you included pictures of rats. (lol…not really)

    I love the way you create suspense with the combination of pictures and words. It is always a memorable story that you offer.

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