“We plan our days, but we don’t control them.” I read this sentence in the book Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. I stopped reading. I grabbed a notebook to save those words to ponder their truth.

Life rolled along allowing us to do what we wanted, when we wanted, where we wanted with a few restrictions. That’s the way it was and would always be, so I thought. I guess I thought I was in control of my days because life followed my plan, usually. Then a virus appeared and spread around the world ending everyday life as we knew it.

Before the virus, I could make plans. Sometimes the plan worked out, sometimes the plan needed a little tweaking. The tweaking was no big deal.

Now, I might make a plan, but changing that plan turns into a big deal. Is the risk worth the change in plans? Usually not. Who would have thought that going to the grocery store, eating in a restaurant, or browsing in a shop might alter one’s life?

This virus has taken control of our days. It dictates when one should go to the store. It makes you wash your hands after getting the mail or picking up the newspaper from the driveway. It is the first thing one needs to do when entering the house. I wear a mask and plastic gloves anytime I am out in public. There is a bottle of hand gel and a canister of antibacterial wipes in a basket in the front seat of my car (plus a ziplock bag of cloth masks and an empty ziplock for used masks). I worry a lot about family members and friends. Will I ever see them in person again? (That has never been a concern before.) I hope so.

So for now, I will keep the plan for my day is simple, because I know I don’t have total control.

Don’t you have a story to share?


5 thoughts on “Control

  1. crushlevine says:

    It sounds like you may have grabbed a WRITER’S NOTEBOOK (!) while you were reading. I am so glad you did. The idea of planning, not controlling our days is appealing to me. It speaks of flexible, perhaps even spontaneous planning! Though my daily plans look very different these days, I agree there is now a greater need for flexibility when the day unfolds differently than I planned.

  2. elsie,
    as always your reflections are special and make me reflect, too. i cannot wait to see you in person again…one day…likely too many moons away.

  3. Terje says:

    Planning in grand scale is strongly affected everywhere. Small scale plans and choices are still here. And even these can go wrong. Then we adjust and adapt. Otherwise the frustration would be paralyzing. I hope you will plan some super joyful stay home days.

  4. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I don’t really mind staying home as I am more of an introvert, but I rather like being in control of my plans.

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