Social Distancing

Those two words in the title had no meaning four months ago. Now they are front and center in daily life. Who would have ever thought that one would need to be leery of a person walking past you? Social distancing has taken a whole new life form when walking.

This is the road I walk up every day. Those curves hide other walkers.

I used to walk about 8:00 a.m. The sun would be rising over the roofs blinding me as I trudged up the grade. Usually I kept my head low, studying the sidewalk to be sure I didn’t step on any creatures, with quick glances to make sure I was alone on the sidewalk.

Oh no, someone is headed towards me! Who will veer off the sidewalk to the road? How sad that we cannot pass on the sidewalk. Even though we don’t share the sidewalk, we do acknowledge each other’s presence with a “Good morning!” or “What a great morning!” or even “How are you doing today?” I may not know their names or where they live or share a sidewalk, but I enjoy our brief encounters in these days of sheltering in place.

These are a few of the walkers I used to meet daily.

Now that it’s hot, I have changed my walking time. I leave the house just after 6 a.m. Usually it’s just me and the birds out and about. However, it is so much cooler (for about fifteen minutes). I wonder if the other walkers think I’ve abandoned my stroll.