I Miss It


Some people see it as a chore. I see it as a challenge. Sometimes it’s an adventure.  Sometimes it is inconvenient and interrupts my day, but I don’t think of it as a chore.

I am not allowed to do it the way I like to do it. I create a list. I search through my resources to develop a plan. Once the plan is set, I am off and gathering.

What is this not-a-chore for me? Grocery shopping! Every Sunday, I select the recipes for the week. I note what needs to be bought for each recipe. I jot down what needs to be replenished. I check the grocery ads, jotting down possible items that are on sale.

With my list in hand, I head to this store, then that store, maybe one other (it has a good sale on something I love). I am not a one stop shopper. One store may have better produce, but it doesn’t carry salt-free tomatoes products, so I have to go to another store to find just what I want. In the produce aisle, I carefully pick out my leaf lettuce, fragrant strawberries, snow-white cauliflower, and bananas with varying shades of green and yellow.

That used to be my shopping routine. Now, I have to use apps to order groceries on-line and hope I can get a pick-up time. So few times are available, so I have to get up at midnight when the window opens for scheduling.

It pains me to leave the produce picking to someone else. I scour the app looking for the items I used to easily pick up and drop into my cart, but they are not there. I look for replacements, they are not there. I hope that when the shopper goes to collect my choices they are on the shelf.

There is no joy in on-line shopping for me. I long for the day I can go back into the store and select my own groceries. All I can say is I miss it. (sigh)

21 thoughts on “I Miss It

  1. I am this same shopper. I like my routine. I go to Jewel for certain things. Aldi & a new Pete’s Market in town for others. I do a Sam’s Club big run every few weeks and I love the 20 min drive 2 towns over to Mariano’s for fresh chicken and meats once a week too. I’m a perimeter shopper, sticking to the basics and cooking from scratch most meals. This lack of fresh food errands is both murder on that routine and my body. It could be worse but everything could be and this isn’t a place to feel compelled to censor our feelings! You’re more trustworthy than with letting a shopper pick your produce. I got up at 5:30am last Saturday to run to Walmart and stand in line outside in order to get the freshest, least bruised and moldy produce on the shelves. Years of produce training is going to waste! That and having to scour the online stock reports for things like vanilla activia and soy milk. I like this post so much because I read a lot of myself in it and feel less alone in this quiet annoyance. Good to see you back 💙

  2. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I was to see your name appear up a little higher in my blog roll. I finally came out of the dark and became connected again just today. I see I have missed so much since Wednesday.

    I have yet to shop this way. I am pretty well-stocked (until we got this bad storm and I had to throw so many items away!) so my trips have been less frequent.

  3. mrsday75 says:

    I’m still heading to the store each week–we don’t have an option for delivery/pickup. But I’m kind of glad, for the very reason you wrote about. I like picking out my own stuff!

    I’m so happy you are part of this new writing group! I’ve missed your blog!

  4. Hi my blogging bud,
    Good to be back with you. So I am documenting the days of this Isolation and every day I make my list of the things I WANT to do… grocery shopping has taken a big place on that list and while I would really like to be getting deliveries it seems impossible and it is one thing I don’t mind driving myself crazy about doing… I am never quite as organized as you, but the more organized I get… the better life is…

  5. Michelle Nero says:

    This speaks of who you are so much. And your love of crafting in the kitchen! Me? I’ve enjoyed the trials of ordering online … even with the frustrations and not getting all the items I requested. All I know it saves me an hour of my time trudging up and down the aisles! ~michelle

  6. I knew you had a post in you and you delivered elsie style.
    “In the produce aisle, I carefully pick out my leaf lettuce, fragrant strawberries, snow-white cauliflower, and bananas with varying shades of green and yellow.”
    Your writing makes me slow down and notice, especially the ordinary things, and discover their beauty.

  7. crushlevine says:

    I sure do love glimpses into elsie’s world! You have a way of making riveting stories of seemingly ordinary moments–in writing and in person. Today, you remind me how grateful I am to hand pick my own produce. In the produce department is where I often rearrange my meal plan–some meals are dependent on access to certain fresh produce items.

  8. elsie —
    I like to plan meals and make a list according to the meal plan. I do not like to go to the grocery store. For so long, I made the list and Andy did the shopping. Then he started seeing the list as optional…so there were many substitutes to the meal plan! Recently (because of his job change), I started online grocery shopping. I. Love. It. Perhaps, one day I will learn to love it…and I will think of you. Until then, maybe you can think of me each time you order online. 🙂
    Thanks for writing,

    • I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get a pick up time. I ordered red and green leaf lettuce and obviously the picker did not know what green leaf lettuce is, I got iceberg instead. We are not a fan of iceberg.

  9. We’re lucky that daughter shops for us, but only once every two weeks. I’ve never planned meals two weeks in advance, but this is making a planner out of me. Who knew shopping for oneself would become a longed for luxury? So happy to see your post!

  10. Phillip VanSomeren says:

    So, it takes a pandemic to get you back into the writing saddle! Whole foods is open here as well as trader joes. Our egg people(not far from the old Nelson place!) Leave our two weeks supply of eggs in their mailbox for us…corragio!

    • First, we don’t have Whole Foods or Trader Joe, much to our chagrin. But you have to drive at least an hour to reach those, right? Aldi’s will deliver (for a fee) to mom’s apartment, so I order for her and us. It’s just a challenge. I feel like a pioneer who must foraging for food and then decide what to make from the ingredients you have. Not my usual style. I start with the recipe, and that dictates what I will buy at the store.

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