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One week from today, I will be packing my bag to begin the journey toward northeast Indiana to spend several days learning from experts in reading and writing (and hanging out with blogger friends). The past few years I’ve had company on this road trip. Lots of conversation to pass the time as the miles slip by. However, this year I will be on my own as I travel east, so I thought perhaps a few audio books would fill the hours on my 500+ mile journey.ย I shared this plan of listening to books on CD with my husband, and he says, “You better enjoy this, because this will probably be the last car you have with a CD player. They aren’t putting them in cars anymore.”

My reaction to this news, “What?!” (What am I going to do (whenever we get a new car)? How will I listen to my CDs of Trans Siberian Orchestra when we drive across the country at Christmastime and my favorite other CDs? I found this news very disturbing. A way of listening would be ending. With that thought, I started thinking about my audio life.

It started in Chicago with a small transistor radio pressed next to my ear listening to WLS. The volume always went as high as possible when the first notes ofย  Lightnin’ Strikes by Lou Christie rang out. Not sure what it was about this song that I loved, I still sing along if I ever hear it.

The transistor radio led to getting a record player and lots of 45s and albums. I listened to them a lot.ย If I was in my room, I had something playing on the record player. Eventually I saved enough money to buy a small stereo system where I could load several records at a time to play. I can’t tell you how many Petula Clark albums I had (perhaps I still have them ๐Ÿ™‚ ). When I found a singer I loved, I immersed myself in that person’s music. Here’s a link to Petula singing Downtown on Dean Martin’s show (if you watch it, you have to get through the intro with dancers before she comes out).

I never owned an 8 track player, I went straight to cassette tapes. Now my music could travel along with me in a portable player. (It’s hard to travel with a stereo system ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

I was happy with the cassette system, but then CDs came along to make it even easier to listen to my personal choice in music. I think that’s where I’m stuck in the audio world. I never understood MP3 players and I am clueless to downloading music. Since I don’t get the download music, you know I don’t have music on my phone or iPad and I wouldn’t know what to do with an ipod.

So what’s going to be next in this audio world? It took me over fifty years to get to where I am now. I’m just not sure I’m up to the task of developing a whole new way of listening.


21 thoughts on “Audio Journey

  1. My new car (let your hubby know it’s a 2015 BMW 328i Sports Wagon) uses Bluetooth to play music and audiobooks from my phone and I love it. It doesn’t use data. It’s nice not to hassle with CDs. I hope you have a great trip.

  2. I’m addicted to audiobooks, and I’ve often wondered what I’m going to do when I don’t have a CD player in the car anymore. I even have a tape player in one car! I know I’m going to have to learn how to do the whole digital music thing, but for now I’m sticking with my CDs. Happy travels!

  3. I understand this, too! My car has a CD player, and I have not made the jump to the digital files. You can’t hold them in your hand! They have no liner notes! I have a hard time keeping my CDs in any kind of organization – I don’t know how that would work with something so intangible as a digital file.

  4. I love remembering right along with you. My kids are the ones who help me. It’s amazing how technology seems so new and exciting and then becomes outdated and something new comes along. Safe trip! Can’t wait to see you!
    Mary Helen

  5. Ok, so: My car has a CD player – it can hold 7, I think – and the two that are in there are STUCK. They will not eject. I’ve read on how to get them out (there’s no little hole to stick a paper clip into for forced eject, etc.) and nothing I’ve tried works. I almost got a third CD jammed in the player, trying to shift the others. But – the two stuck CDs play fine. Go figure. I just can’t add any more and suppose I will have to sell my car, if and when that time comes, with these CDs still in it …

    Having said that: I suspect you will find and embrace a new mode of playing your music. It’s just too important not to. And I also love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Most of all, happy travels to you, both on the road and on your audio journey! Fun post.

  6. Oh the musical journey you took us on. I did have an eight track player in two of my cars. After a time I always knew at what part of a song the track would change. I, too, have never downloaded music. The car I now have has Sirius. I am liking that.

  7. Oh the dilemmas technology creates! I can relate to the advancement of the audio world, but I’m like you, I like to have CD’s that I can play in the car. When will it all end and will “we” ever catch up?

  8. Oh I do understand but take the leap! There is so much that you can listen to so easily once you make the switch. Find a nice young person to help walk you through the learning. Once you do you will wonder what took you so long. The digital sound also allows you to hear parts that were hard to hear on records or tape. Streaming is also great for learning about new music as well as old.

    Be brave and take the leap into the world of new technology! Enjoy –

  9. Oh my gosh. I am so like this! My husband chuckles when he buys me cds. Which by the way are getting increasingly hard to find. I still use them in my 2015 Honda. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. jumpofffindwings says:

    SPOTIFY, and I say this as one who iconverted only because my ipod died, and my son pushed me to add to my steady diet of npr and podcasts.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used my current car’s CD player. It integrates with my cell phone, so I listen to all my music, podcasts, and audiobooks through my phone in the car. It’s kind of wonderful! I thought I would still want a CD player, but it does turn out to be unnecessary as long as you have a smart phone. I did enjoy thinking about how over our lifetimes we have seen such a change from record players and 8-tracks to cassettes and CDs and now digital music. (Also, what audiobooks are you going to listen to? I just stocked up this morning for a trip I’m taking next week to a writing workshop, but I’m not sure I got anything I’m truly interested in!)

    • Doesn’t listening to things through your phone use your data? I used to listen to Pandora, but since I don’t have unlimited data anymore, I was afraid to listen to it. As for my book listening, I am listening to books I never got around to reading. I’m embarrassed to say I have never read Because of Winn-Dixie, Number the Stars, or Pictures of Hollis Woods. I also have 13 Reasons Why and Night.

      • It does not use data as long as you have it downloaded. So I download playlists, the podcasts I want to listen to, and audiobooks. Works great!! What a terrific list of books to listen to! I might do Because of Winn-Dixie too–been so long since I’ve read it that I don’t really remember it. I ended up downloading a lot of edifying nonfiction for grown ups and in retrospect, it seems kind of like a boring choice! I like your idea of juvenile lit much better!

  12. Oh, Elsie, I can so identify with this post. My last car purchase left me with no CD player! And I didn’t even realize it until I wanted to listen to my Christmas CDs. In my defense, we purchased the car in November. I don’t always listen to music in the car, but this was a travesty! So I’ve leaned to download books from the library & someday I’ll get more music on my phone. For now, the books and podcasts keep me company.

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