Fortunately / Unfortunately

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At the time, I thought it was fortunate the food in my fridge was mostly consumed, since I was leaving for several days.

However, it was unfortunate to come home to a bare fridge.

Fortunately, it was Farmer’s Market day, so I could pick up some fresh lettuce for the chef salads for dinner.

Unfortunately, it was Saturday and I did not want to do major grocery shopping, but there were a few items on sale that I needed to pick up (even if it was Saturday).

Fortunately, the store was close to the Farmer’s Market.

Unfortunately, the store was out of the item I wanted.

Fortunately, I got a rain check.

Unfortunately, I needed a few more items, but they were all at different stores.

Fortunately, I checked the ads before leaving home so I had a plan in mind of the order for the stops.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity was suffocating as it took me three hours to pick up a “few” things.

Fortunately, I stopped at the library to claim my books on hold. The temperature and humidity dropped so I could enjoy my books on the patio and I didn’t have to get groceries for a few days.


11 thoughts on “Fortunately / Unfortunately

  1. Fortunately Kathy reads the ads so she knows where the items we need are on sale. Fortunately all the stores we need to hit are within a mile of each other. Fortunately they usually have what we need. Most fortunately dinner out before grocery shopping is a must, at least in my book.

  2. What a clever and interesting prompt. So much of our lives is based on that dichotomy of “fortunately…unfortunately.” Fortunately I read your post today so I could be reminded of what a clever writer you are. (There’s no unfortunately!)

  3. mrsday75 says:

    I love the style of this. I laughed when I saw your comment about grocery shopping on Saturday. Now that I’ve retired, I’m very picky about when I head to the grocery store, avoiding the after school/work crowd, the Sat morning crowd, etc. Fortunately, your day ended with a trip to the library!

  4. I love this–and for me, grocery shopping is always full of unfortunatelys. Including, unfortunately I’ve bought all this food that I have to put away and now I have to prepare all these meals with all this food!

  5. Unfortunately, reading about three hours of picking up a few things in heat and humidity exhausted me. Fortunately, a library, books, and the patio (with less heat and humidity) revived me!

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