Finding a Slice

Every Monday, my mind begins to sift through the happenings of the past week to pluck that just right snippet of life to become my “slice of life” on Tuesday. All week long, I am collecting bits and pieces in my mind (and photos on my phone), but none jump out and say, “I’m the one you want to bring to life with words.

I could write about what’s growing in my backyard sanctuary.


I could write about the strange shape and color of clouds that appeared after dinner.

The next day, I learned about a tornado that touched down within twenty miles of us about the same time I watched the clouds.

Just as I was thinking there was nothing interesting to write about, I saw my slice, but it happened too fast to get a photo.

My husband and I were on the way to my mother’s apartment. There’s a long stretch of road that has fields on both sides. One field usually has horses. Recently, I wondered where the horses had gone because the field was empty and the grass was long.

All of a sudden, two horses came running from the top of the field. Manes and tails flying, as they ran along the fence. I started to make a comment on how frisky they were when I my gaze swept across the road. A young deer bounded across the road  and disappeared into the wild brush. The horses came to a stop when they reached the fence parallel to the road. A possible new friend disappeared, they seemed disappointed as they stood there, eyes glued to the spot where the deer vanished.

On our return trip, the horses were back at the top of the field. I imagine they were discussing the stranger who didn’t stay to play.

Sometimes, a slice just runs right in front of you and all you can do is catch it with words.

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14 thoughts on “Finding a Slice

  1. I so enjoyed traveling with you along your journey to this slice. The photos were a wonderful accompaniment, and I can just imagine the scene with the deer. You captured it beautifully and then concluded with the perfect line!

  2. alwriting says:

    You were ready to receive, as all good writers are, and you caught that brief and fleeting moment so well Elsie. So glad I called past…

  3. I loved the inclusion of the photos and different ideas you had for a slice and then the description of the scene you witness. Both a lovely slice and a lovely reflection on what it means to slice–the thinking ahead, the paying attention, the wondering what we will write.

  4. I love this, Elsie. I live like this too.

    I know it is sooooo far in advance, but could I use this as a Be Inspired piece for the 2019 SOLSC? If so, would you mind emailing me with your permalink along with your permission?

  5. You never know where inspiration comes from you just know it when you see it. Your words paint the picture just the way a camera would have captured it.

  6. Loved this! “Sometimes, a slice just runs right in front of you and all you can do is catch it with words.” I find myself rehearsing the words of possible slices while walking the dog or shuttling kids to and from activities. Life does pass us by at a rapid pace – sometimes, we just need to try to harness it and reflect! Thanks for your post!

  7. I’m sure that deer was asking herself – “whatever was I doing in that field with those huge critters?”.
    You painted a great portrait even though you didn’t get a picture.

  8. Joyce says:

    Seems as if you just nailed the analogy of life itself! Ever changing and fleeting….enjoyed the scene you painted w/words.

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