Water Everywhere

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I go to the closet, take the weather forecast into account, and what I’m doing for the day before I pick out my clothes for the day. I don’t spend a lot of time considering what might happen to my clothes through the day. My hope is there won’t ever be a malfunction with my wardrobe.

Yesterday, I knew I would be spending half a day in a meeting. I knew I would be going for a pedicure after the meeting. I knew I would have dinner out with friends after the pedicure. So the clothing of the day had to be comfortable and able to be worn in all three situations. I opted for a knit pair of capris rather than denim and a light-weight knit tunic top. Wise decision . . .

Dinner was over, dishes had been removed from the table, and everyone was sitting around chatting when all of a sudden the table lurched and water glasses came flying towards me. Fortunately, I was on the end and able to jump up quickly when I realized what had just happened. A waterfall cascaded down the side of the table! My right side was soaked from my waist to my knees! My right sandal was water logged as water dripped off my foot. However, as I stood there trying to soak up water from my clothes, I realized that you couldn’t see how wet I was. The knits did not change color. Unless you touched me, you wouldn’t know half of my body was dripping wet.

At that moment, I was grateful for the decisions made earlier in the day. You just never know how your day will go.

12 thoughts on “Water Everywhere

  1. Lucky, lucky. Have to admit that the term “wardrobe malfunction” always conjures images of Janet Jackson no matter how hard I try to not let my mind wander there. Needless to say I’m VERY glad it was an unnoticeable lower half of the body that was messed with πŸ˜‰

  2. I had to laugh, before that infamous Super Bowl did we ever use the words malfunction and wardrobe in the same sentence? So glad your choice paid off! BTW you can let your husband know I’ve been driving a new car for about a month now;)

  3. You got lucky thanks to your clothing choice!

    This reminds me we had a water incident, in the midst of a tornado warning, this afternoon. I’ve gotta go and put the fabric placemats in the wash!

  4. Joyce says:

    Good lands!!! Glad you didn’t have dinner in you lap…good choices saved the day! Hope your shoe recovers!

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