This Land of Ours (Part 1)

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The two items above (national parks pass and new hiking shoes) have kept me away from my computer and slicing for the last two weeks. Here’s where I’ve been . . .

An open two weeks from work and appointments meant we had some time to head west to visit our son and his family. Instead of zipping out and back, we decided to put that national parks pass to work before our visit. Arches and Zion (both in Utah) were the parks selected for this trip.

Shortly after lunch, we entered Arches, ready to stretch our legs from driving. Incredible rock formations had us speechless as we drove up the switch back road. I cannot imagine the reactions of the early explorers who first laid eyes on this land. These rocks were massive!

Top left is Balanced Rock (total height is 128 feet, rock on top is 55 feet). The top right is Courthouse Towers. Bottom left is Three Gossips close up, then on the right it is in the distance.

Delicate Arch was the first hike. It was listed as challenging. I had my doubts about my ability, but we set off. Halfway into it, I had to give up. It was too steep for me, but I sent my husband on. I slowly made it back to the car. While waiting, I took the map of the hikes and arches and created a plan for the rest of the day and the next morning.

Here are some of the arches .

Top left: Delicate Arch taken by my husband as he fought 50 mph winds. Top right: Landscape Arch, just over 300 feet long, it is the second longest span in the world. Middle right: North Window Arch Bottom left: Turret Arch Bottom right: Double Arch

The Fiery Furnace

A massive wall of rock called The Fiery Furnace is on the left, then turn slightly right and you see the field on the inset picture at the bottom.

Sand Dune Arch

To get to this arch, you have to walk through deep sand and a narrow crevice (pictured on the bottom left).

As we were leaving the park, something caught our attention. We had to turn around to get a closer look. Would you do this? I would not!

Thanks to the zoom on the camera, we could see this ant fellow climbing this rock.

What a fantastic park! I know there were arches we didn’t get to this time, but I bet we will be back. Next week: Zion National Park.


18 thoughts on “This Land of Ours (Part 1)

  1. So glad to tag along. I went to Arches many, many years ago. Lance and I hope to make it one of these days. Your pictures are breathtaking!

  2. Thanks for taking me back to Arches! I visited once (in 2002) and it was by far one of my favorite national parks. (And I went to many growing up.) I’ve told my husband I’m aching to get back there. However, we need Ari to not only be potty trained, but to become more of a hiker before we can go there on a family trip.

  3. Tricia Mac says:

    Wow, what a stunning and beautiful place! I appreciate your pictures and grit in doing the hikes! I’ll have to make it here soon.

  4. What amazing scenery! I am more and more determined to take a trip out west to see some of these wonders in person. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! Gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Your photos are awesome, they totally activated my memory of Arches. It’s been a few years since I’ve explored up there, but thanks for the mind-vacation!

  6. Absolutely breathtaking! In this case, it’s ok to take a break from writing! 🙂 I so enjoyed the photos and journeying with you (virtually) through Utah.

  7. What a great post and place to visit! When we are empty nesters (within the next five years) my husband and I hope to visit more National Parks. We’ve been to a few with our boys, but neither Arches or Zion – looks fabulous! Thanks!

  8. Terje says:

    Spectacular sights. If I am impressed by the pictures I can only imagine how amazing it was to see them in reality.

  9. We visited Arches last summer–loved that vacation! We stayed in a terrific quirky hotel in Moab and really had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed your photographs here. We decided to save Zion for a future visit, but I look forward to visiting through your blog next week!

  10. These are amazing. Maybe I need to add this to out trip out west. It seems like every time I talk to someone or read something I need to add more places to visit. I think I am going to need more than one trip.

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